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15 bands to play benefit here

Fifteen bands are scheduled to play at a music festival benefiting an autism class in Whitesburg.

Agrestic Music and Arts Festival for Autism will be held from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. on May 26 at River Park in Whitesburg. The event is being organized by A.C.A.M. Promotions, a non-profit organization created by Ashley Sexton, her husband Cody Sexton, Cody Sexton’s brother Adam Sexton and Adam Sexton’s girlfriend Malinda Hull.

Money raised at the festival will benefit an autism class at West Whitesburg Elementary.

“It is to our knowledge that this special needs class is greatly underfunded and lacks basic necessities required for adequate learning for these children with autism,” said Ashley Sexton, of Whitesburg.

Ashley Sexton said in addition to raising money and raising autism awareness, the festival is an opportunity to give members of the community a chance to listen to amazing music.

Advance tickets are $8 and $10 at the gate. Free admission for children age five and under.

There will be some booths and local art as well. Verlin Short from Animal Planet’s “Snake Man of Appalachia” is scheduled to be at the event.

Bands include Pure and Simple, Wayne Graham, Downtrend, Poor Folk Bluegrass Band, Back to Back, We Killed Vegas, Atomic Solace, Amend the Broken, East KY Tyme, Idletime, Scratch River Telegraph Company, Midlife Crisis, Aftershock, Neal Spears and Kender.

Festival tickets will be sold at the Whitesburg Bike Nite on May 12.

For more information: www.acampromo.com.

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