Whitesburg KY

15 file for city, school offices

With next Tuesday’s filing deadline growing closer, a total of 15 candidates had filed to run for nonpartisan offices in Letcher County by the close of business on August 7.

Just more than half of candidates who have filed so far are seeking seats on the Whitesburg City Council. Those who had filed by 4 p.m. Tuesday were Earlene Williams Cornett, John L. Pellegrini MD, Derek Barto, Robin Bowen Watko, Larry Everidge, Della D. Eldridge, Eddie Bentley, and Shelia Shortt. All but Pellegrini, Eldridge, and Bentley are incumbents. A ninth potential candidate for the Whitesburg council, Terry Cook, picked up filing paper on August 6.

Also filing for re-election in Whitesburg was Mayor James W. Craft, who remained unopposed on Tuesday.

So far, only one candidate has filed to run from the City of Fleming- Neon — Mayor Susie Polis. Linda Cantrell picked up filing papers indicating she would run for city council.

In the City of Jenkins, District Five Magistrate Wayne Fleming has filed to run against current Mayor Todd Depriest in the November election. Only one Jenkins resident, Toni Jen- kins, had filed to run for city council on August 7, but several others, including many incumbents, had picked up filing papers indicating their interest in running. They are Kim Webb, Sammy Elswick, Richard Damron, Mikey Dingus, Chuck Anderson, Garrett Bentley, and Rebecca Amburgey.

As of Tuesday, only one candidate had filed to run for a seat on the Letcher County Board of Education. That candidate is Avelenia Parsons, who is seeking re-election to represent Education District One. Two other potential candidates, Manuel Vanderpool and Shawn Gilley, picked up filing papers showing their interest in running for the school board seat in District Five.

Eileen Sanders is the only candidate who had filed for a seat on the Jenkins Independent Board of Education on Tuesday, while two others, Brenda DePriest and Chris Bentley, each picked up filing papers.

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