Whitesburg KY

16 inches of snow and it’s still falling

Northeast Ohio

Hello again. I just survived another miserable week, healthwise and weatherwise. I don’t remember the last time I had been so sick, but I am beginning to feel some better. We are really having winter weather, and I do mean winter. We have about 16 inches of snow and it keeps falling, with temperatures close to and below zero, and winds that go right through a person.

Of course I only know what I see and have been told. Ain’t no way I’m venturing out to find out firsthand.

I want to send heartfelt sympathy to two dear friends who recently lost a loved one. Thelma (Campbell) Watts in Kingsport, Tenn., lost a 91- year-old brother, Hagel Campbell, on Jan. 1, at the Veterans Center in Hazard, and Jean Cook in Mayking, lost a 29-year-old nephew, Lance Corporal Chad Gilliam, who died at an Army camp in Kuwait. My love and prayers to both of you and all your families.

Bill and Redia stopped by, and on the way stopped at the grocery store and picked up a couple of items we needed. He has a four-wheel drive truck and can usually get to where he’s going.

They had been to pick up a load of work clothes from Cintas in Strongsville. Of course they are a bit younger than we are. On Jan. 20, Bill will be 62, and in April I will be 82, and on Jan. 26, Red and I will celebrate 63 years of marriage. I really wasn’t sure I’d be around till then.

I just managed to make a pot of vegetable soup and Catharine stopped by and we are sampling it. I will probably send a container of soup home with her and I’m also going to finish this and let her take it so she won’t have to drive by after work tomorrow. It will be around 11:00 if she has to close and with the weather, I would rather she not have to do any extra driving.

So till next time, keep warm and happy. Love and prayers to all.

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