Whitesburg KY

1992-93 Jenkins High School



1992-93 Cavalier

It is difficult indeed to put down a good book, especially when the reader feels himself a part of the action, in touch with the characters. At times he may feel the pounding of his heart, the glimmer of a chuckle, or even the sorrow of a tear with the turning of a page. Imagine, if you will, a story where the characters come to life…a story with a beginning as old as yourself and an ending yet unfinished. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of our tale is that you, with pen in hand, are the author. This storybook fantasy comes to life in the 1992-1993 Cavalier. The characters are your friends…your teachers… and the people closest to you. The story unfolds before your very eyes but will never be complete for friendships, we all know, last forever.

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