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20-mile yard sale, gazing at stars from atop Pine Mountain are open to public

On April 12, six of the Letcher County Senior Citizens, Claudia, Lorraine, Wilma, Rose, Lydia, and Elmer, visited Letcher Manor Nursing Home to see our friend Estel Taylor.

On April 12, six of the Letcher County Senior Citizens, Claudia, Lorraine, Wilma, Rose, Lydia, and Elmer, visited Letcher Manor Nursing Home to see our friend Estel Taylor.

You talk about some talented and fun-loving members of Letcher County Senior Citizens, we surely have some. Remember Letcher County took first and second place in the Rook tournament last month, well Friday of last week they took first and second place in the Corn Hole Singles Tournament, also. Rose Collier took first place and Sue Miles took second place. Congratulations, girls, we are very proud of you.

Speaking of seniors, we have one that we want to mention this week. Imogene Sexton is in really bad health and hasn’t been able to join us at the rec center in quite a while. She is in the last stages of pancreatic cancer now and her children and family sincerely need our prayers.

Another member of our senior citizens, Doug Wright, just found out he has some health problems. Last week his wife Pat wanted us to all pray for him and the results of the tests that were being done on a tumor in his stomach. Doug and Pat have been avid walkers at the rec center and are there almost every weekday and sometimes they are back in the evenings when I’m there for our No Limits Fitness classes.

Sandra Sexton Wilson celebrated her birthday on April 28.

Sandra Sexton Wilson celebrated her birthday on April 28.

And last but not least, one of my and Mom’s special friends, Lizzie Mae Wright, is having a lot of pain in her right shoulder. She is having problems even using her arm, so please pray for her.

Letcher County seniors’ birthdays for the month of May are; Sarah Hall on the 1st, Reed Stewart on the 4th, Linda Curry on the 5th, David Williams on the 8th, Jack Burkich on the 10th, Rose Collier and Betty Hatton on the 11th, Anthony Blair on the 12th, Joyce Standifer on the 16th, Pat Wright on the 17th, JoAnn Walters on the 18th, Tony Sabo on the 20th, Jeannie Gibson and Sandra Wilson on the 28th, and Brenda Banks on the 29th.

Cecilia Swiney (definitely not a senior citizen), continues to improve since her car wreck. She is still not supposed to put any weight on her legs because of all the damage and surgeries that were done. She posted something on Facebook that I wanted to put in my article to show how strong her faith in God is. It said: “I believe in miracles because I am one. Because there’s no doubt in my mind that I am only here today because of God’s grace and mercy.” We surely love you, Sissy Bug, and pray for you often.

Some of you all may not know that I am a retired elementary teacher. Teachers have one of the hardest jobs and definitely deserve our appreciation and prayers. With that being said, this coming week, May 6th through the 10th, is teacher appreciation week. A pat on the back or a few words that let them know you are thinking of them and appreciate the hard work they do means more than anything. I still love getting hugs from my former students and their parents.

I also continue to see some of my teachers out and about here in Letcher County. Jack Burkich was never my teacher but he was the superintendent at one point when I was in school. Everyone had high praise for him and the job he did. Lorraine Kuracka was my second grade teacher and we are now both members of Letcher County Senior Citizens. I even appreciate her whipping me when I was talking during reading group. I see Shirley Brown Sexton from time to time. She was my English teacher in the sixth through the eighth grades. She also taught us cursive writing, which I am very thankful for. C.B. Banks was one of my Whitesburg High School English teachers. I loved his classes, even if we did have to read Romeo and Juliet out loud. I had many wonderful teachers and would like to thank them all for putting up with me and my talking.

Okay, now for some events coming up this weekend and next. Kyle Smith posted on his Facebook page the Star Gazing event coming up this Saturday, the 4th, at 7 to 10:30 p.m.

Join Letcher County Tourism and the Challenger Learning Center for stargazing on top of Pine Mountain on Saturday, May the 4th, beginning at 7 p.m.

Start the night off with creating and launching your very own rocket and make some unique astronaut ice cream. After dark, view the night sky through the lens of astronomical telescopes and catch a glimpse of the moon, Jupiter, Mars, and the Eta Aquariids meteor shower.

Bring your own lawn chairs to enjoy a viewing of “The Force Awakens” from the Star Wars series on the big screen, while enjoying hotdogs, s’mores by the bonfire, Caudill Corn and free Kona Ice.

So mark your calendars and join us for a free outof this-world event on Saturday, May 4, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Pine Mountain Worship Center Property, on US HWY 119, near the Little Shepherd Trail entrance.

And until then . . . May the 4th be with you!

The following post came from Shirley Sexton’s granddaughter Grayson.

“It’s the time of year again! 20-Mile Yard Sale in the areas of Colson, Sandlick, Deane, Isom to Blackey to Viper is just around the corner! Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4, beginning at 9 a.m., rain or shine!

“You may set up at wide places beside the highway and have a sale or visit others that are set up! Don’t forget to be sure to come and stop by Grayson Holbrook and Shirley Sexton on Hwy 931 North located in Colson near Shamarra’s Dream Library for homemade soup bean dinners, homemade green bean dinners, homemade bake goods, homemade jam and jellies, homemade butter, clothing, household items, handcrafted furniture, toys and more!

“All proceeds made at Grayson Holbrook and Shirley Sexton will go toward purchasing winter beanies, gloves and mittens for all preschool children of Letcher County so they will have something to help keep them warm, and coloring books and crayons and treat bags with an apple, orange, candy cane and a few pieces of candy, toys, and reading books for any age children of Letcher County so they will have something for Christmas.

If you are interested and wish to participate in the 20-Mile Yard Sale or need more Information about the 20-Mile Yard Sale or a place to set up for the 20- Mile Yard Sale, call Shirley Sexton at 606-633-2519.

“If you are interested in Shamarra’s Dream Library or need any information about Shamarra’s Dream Library call Grayson Holbrook at 606-633-2519 or 606-821-2660. If you set up and have a sale, all leftover items that you wish to donate may be donated to Shirley Sexton and Grayson Holbrook. You may participate if you live outside of Letcher County. Please join in on the celebration of spring and enjoy.”

Next weekend there will be a production of “Alice in Wonderland” by the Fleming Neon Middle School. This will take place at the LCCHS auditorium. This will be Friday, May 10, at 6 p.m., and again on Saturday, the 11th, at 6 p.m. My granddaughter, Drew Eden Hampton, will be in this play so I am very excited about watching her perform.

So, I guess that’s enough for this week. Just please be in prayer for Elaine Smith, Martha Taylor, and Laney Webb. Remember all those that have lost loved ones, especially our pastor, Bill Jones, and his precious wife and family.

Pleading with you as Oma did, try your best to be in church Sunday morning. If your church has services Sunday night and throughout the week please be there then, also.

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