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Mostly sunny

20-mile yard sale will be held this weekend

Hello everyone, glad to be with you again.

Darlene Pettibone and her sister Gaynell came in for a quick visit last weekend. We were glad to have them visit with us and I’m sure their sister Alpha Sexton was very pleased. Alpha is doing some better. I hope Darlene and Gaynell will come back soon.

Don’t forget the 20-mile yard sale this weekend, Friday, Sept. 30, and Saturday Oct. 1, from the School Bus Garage at Whitesburg to Sandlick and on to Colson Fire Department, then from Isom to Colson. If you need more information, call 606- 633-2519.

Last Monday, Edsel, Carol, Kaylee and I traveled to Johnson City. I know Kaylee and I had a good time, but Edsel and Carol didn’t find what they were looking for so maybe they were a little disappointed. Kaylee send hugs and kisses to Mamma Betty and Grandpa Lawrence.

Brandon Jent was home from UK this weekend with a friend of his, Derek Li- Kam- Wa. Derek is from Mauritius, an island off the coast of Madagascar. Derek and Brandon went to the festival and Gina took them on the Little Shepherd Trail.

They spent the night with Brandon’s mamaw, Maxine Quillen, and she treated them to a big country breakfast of gravy, biscuits and the works. Derek loved the food even though he had only eaten it once before. He loved Letcher County and will be coming back. Hurry back, Derek.

Kids Day for Neon will be Oct. 1 at the football field in Fleming-Neon. Hours are from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. I know the kids will be thrilled.

I received a message from Betty Wright of the Seville, Ohio Historical Society. She would like to have a recipe from each of the Bates descendants in Letcher County to be included in a cookbook that is being prepared, and she asks that they include how they tie back to the Giant, Martin Van Buren Bates. Her address is 72 N Center St., Seville, Ohio 44273.

Maxine got some really good feedback about the interview she did for a local paper in Seville. Two ladies made a quilt and donated it to the folks in Seville, and this winter they are making one for Letcher County. Wilma Hatter and her sister are of the Joseph Craft line. Aren’t they nice to think of us?

Visiting with Clester and me this weekend were Greeley Bates and his daughter Geneva Walker from Winchester, Ind. Greeley was in for the Old Regular Baptist Association meeting. They also visited with other family in Knott County.

I hope all enjoyed the festival. My two grandsons, Jared and Ethan, had a blast. They, with their parents Randy and Jennifer, came in on Saturday and stayed until after the revival service at First Baptist Church on Sunday evening. It was an awesome time of worship and it was nice to see Dr. Joe Bill Brown and hear his message. The choir was great. Colson

Thank you, Doug Adams and your students, who made the statue for the Historical Society. I encourage everyone to go by the Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library and take a look. It is awesome!

I have been to Berea this week, along with Joe and Brenda Depriest, Eugene Meade, Mark Kidd, Diana Holbrook, Sandy Hogg, and Dr. David Narramore for the Brushy Fork Annual Institute, Leaders Building Organizations Transforming Communities Conference. I have learned so much and I want to go back! I hope all of you get a chance to attend at some time for it has energized me and makes me want to do more for our county and I know if we all work together it will happen. Of course the Boone Tavern food was wonderful.

I met Pat Bradley’s daughter at our first session, and many more people from the surrounding counties and states.

I spent a Friday night with my kids in Richmond and you know I had fun!

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Dixie Sparks. What a sweet and gracious lady she was.

Prayer list for this week: Ralph Caudill, Willie Perry, Freda McFall, Landon Sexton, Lizzie Hamilton, Sidney Willis Amburgey, Judy Mangus, Sherry Fields, Jimmy Ray Slone, Logan Johnson and Joseph Holbrook. Logan and Joseph were both injured playing football.

Also Jerry Sergent’s son Jarrod was injured in a mining accident and lost part of a leg. Let’s keep him in our prayers.

Rhonda Turner was a guest of Maxine Quillen last Friday night. She is a Bates descendant through Rob Bates of Thornton. She was so excited about the statue and the Mountain Heritage Festival. I think she will be coming again.

It was so nice to see Roy and Barbara Culp at church, and Randy got to visit with them for a few minutes. They are wonderful folks.

Raymond and Annette Isaacs have a model in their family. Their granddaughter, Meghan Polly, was a model in the Wedding Extravaganza in Lexington and she looked so pretty. I know Cynthia was crying, seeing her in a wedding gown at her young age. She definitely has a model’s figure!

May God bless!

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