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2012 went by so quickly


Well, here we are into a new year and if you’re like me, you wonder how could last year have gone by so quickly. I think we all stay so busy time just goes faster than it used to.

Irene Caudill Jent spent a few weeks in Indiana visiting with Buck, Debbie and Emma Lea Adams through the holidays.

Bessie Adams has been to Crittenden visiting her son, daughter-in-law and grandbabies, and reported a nice visit.

During the holidays Bill and Wanda Maggard of Sycamore Loop had their daughter Lucillia ‘Lulu’, Scott and Cadie visiting. Bill and Wanda’s son Jeremy was the chief ‘chef ’, fixing the dinners for them all both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Jeremy and his wife also had his daughter Hanna visiting from Richmond during Christmas. Bill and Wanda enjoyed having their family together.

Bill’s lungs have been bothering him, and he ended up in ICU at Whitesburg for a week or so. He had gotten better and was to have gotten home this past Monday. I hope all went as planned and he’s home and breathing better by now.

Lulu was coming back in to check on him and help Wanda and Bill out.

Roland Brown has also been having some health problems and has been in and out of the hospital. Hopefully the doctors have him fixed up and feeling better.

Terry Caudill has had a rough couple of weeks in the hospital. That’s Billy Dean Caudill and Brenda Combs’s son, Dock Adams’s grandson.

Our daughter Jessie and her husband Andy didn’t get to come in at Christmas because of work, but they came home the Thursday and Friday after and I fixed dinner for them then.

They stayed at Don and Coreen’s house at Sycamore, then headed to Andy’s parents’ home at Pennington Gap, Va.

Bob, Hunter Banks and I spent a few days after Christmas in Savannah, Ga., at Tybee Island. We had a good trip and got back on New Year’s Day.

We’d planned to watch fireworks on the beach on New Year’s Eve, but walked and rode bikes that day and wore ourselves out. Hunter feel asleep at 9:00 that night and we tried to wake him up at 11:30 to go see fireworks, but he was just too tired.

We had a good trip, but missed our group that usually go with us, Don, Coreen, Bonita, Liberty, Noah and Kenny Joe. It just didn’t seem the same, but none of them could make it this time of year.

Tim and Marquetta Ison’s son Timmy Ray recently got married. We wish the newlyweds much happiness.

So sorry to learn that Roland Blair lost his brother Coleman. I think he lived in Ohio. Our sympathy to his family.

Also, the son of the late Dock and Dixie Smith, Danny, died in Ohio. He had battled cancer for some time. His family has our sympathy. There are still a lot of cousins to the Smith family who live in the Jeremiah area, and we’re sorry to learn of his passing.

I just learned that Blair Branch resident Van Blair has died. He hadn’t been well for quite awhile, and his wife Jane and his children, Elvinia and Riley, took good care of him through his sickness. So sorry for their loss.

Before I got this sent off, I learned that Hank Adams has also died suddenly. Such a shock to hear. Our prayers go out to his wife, kids, mother, brother and sisters and his entire family and friends.

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