Whitesburg KY

2019 -2020 Letcher County Public Schools Bus Routes and Boundaries


… Beginning at the Knott Co. line at Shelby Fork, along Rt 7, pickups back to Jct. of Hwy 317 at Deane – [mouth of] Dicks Br., Appletree Br., Coon Hollow, – and across Rockhouse Mtn., continue on Hwy 317S, Quillen Fork, Hemphill to FNE and MJP {Bus #3704, Austin Johnson} … Pottertown, Yont’s Fork [NOTE: Bus Stop/Turn Around at Seller Rd], Grassy Fork, Goose Creek – {Bus #608 – Josh Tyree} [NOTE: #608 is morning only – in the evening – Pottertown, Yont’s Fork, Grassy Fork students ride {Bus #3704 – Austin Johnson}; Goose Creek will ride {Bus #5809 – Garrard Holbrook} …. … McRoberts, 15 Hollow, Tom Bigg’s Hollow, Shea’s Fork, Fleming, Hwy 343, to FNE & MJP – {Bus #319, Mark Young} … Hwy 805 to Dunham (to Jct of U.S. 23), Dunham Park, Potters Fork, Haymond, Whitaker, Hwy 805 to Neon Jct., to FNE & MJP {Bus #5809, Garrard Holbrook} …Hwy 1862 up Thornton (to the Gap); Sergent Bridge, Frazier’s Monument on 1862 at Mayking, Hwy 2545 to Millstone church, to MJP & FNE – Stinking Br. in pm. {Bus #417, Aaron Holbrook} NOTE: Meet {Bus #5709 – Woody Sexton} at Mayking FD to receive Thornton/Sergent LCC students before delivery.. …Hwy 113/Rt 2545 Millstone – {Bus #5709 – Woody Sexton} NOTE: In the a.m. meet {Bus #417, Aaron Holbrook} at Millstone church.. … U.S.119N. up Payne Gap, East Jenkins, Jenkins, West Jenkins on Hwy 805 to Jct of U.S. 23, around Jenkins Lake, Fish Pond, Webb Br, Bill Moore Br, Crafts Br (Upper end of Bottom Fork) to MJP & FNE – {Bus #4606, Garland Ratliff} …. NOTE: In the evening – Webb Br, Bill Moore Br, Crafts Br – meet/ride {Bus #720 – Mike Melton} … Gray’s Branch, Whitaker, Seco, to MJP- {Bus 4005, Derek McCall} … Special Needs – Deane, Hemphill, Goose Creek, Fleming, Hwy 343/Hwy 317, Seco, Dunham, Jenkins, East Jenkins – {Bus #520, Rick Adams} MJP NOTE: In the p.m. buses #3704 and #5809 begin routes at MJP; buses #515, #4606 and #417 begin at FNE… NOTE: Parent pick-ups will be allowed following shuttle release at MJP…


… Mouth of Defeated Creek, Linefork – Rt 1103, Big Branch [turn around at first (single) oil tank], Lilley Cornett Branch (Whitaker Branch), Tolby Branch (in the morning), {Bus #215, Barney Back} …. NOTE: Woodrock student pickup will be at the wide spot on Rt. 7, next to Frogpond.. … Turkey Creek, Bates Fork, C. Hill Rd, Tolby Branch (in the evening), Hwy 7 N., {Bus #315 – Nadean Hayes} NOTE: Woodrock student drop off will be at wide spot next to Frogpond… … Defeated Creek, Longbranch,– {Bus #5107, Twilla Whitaker} …. NOTE: Red Star bus stop will be at the North end of Bridge on Hwy 7.. … Mill Branch, Roxanna, River Road to Blackey, Pratt Fork, Burton Hill, Hwy 7 N. – {Bus #317, Marsha Blair} …. … Elk Creek, Carcasonne – Crases Branch in the evening only {Bus #3003 – Jackie Logan} …. NOTE: Bull Creek bus stop will be at the church… … Old Dixon Rd (Caudills Br), Red Star bridge, Hwy 7 S., Crases Branch in the morning only, shuttle to LCC – {Bus #6110 – Chetty Smith} …. … Crest of Hill at Neace Bldg. (Old Mill Vendor’s Mall) Hwy 15N, North side of Smoot Creek Hill, Hwy 931 to Gurney’s Store, Old Isom by John B. Caudill’s, Garner Mtn. (in the morning), Hwy7S–{Bus#818,ChrisHensley}…. … Spring Branch, Blair Branch, Isom/old Isom… in the evening – Little Colley to Gurney’s Store, North side of Smoot Creek to top of hill, Doty Creek… -{Bus #918, Madge Sturgill} …. NOTE: Stamper’s Branch bus stop will be at mouth of the hollow… … Crest of Trace Mtn., Rt 1410 (Airport Rd.), Hwy 931N Colson, Buck Creek, Beaver Dam, Hwy 7 South, Sackett Loop, Scrapshin, Snowflake; then, [in the evening – Indian Creek] – {Bus #5607, Danny Bates} …. … Starting at Rt 7s. below Deane Jct. to Indian Creek to Beaver Dam– {Bus #411, Bill Hatton} – NOTE: In the morning, meet {Bus #5607, Danny Bates} – mouth of Beaver Dam. … Beginning at top of Thornton Gap, Rt 1862, including Stinking Branch, continuing to Coal Tipple/Washer at Jct. of Hwy 931/Rt 1862, turn right, then running North along 931 to Cane Hollow, Sugar Run, Washboard, Brandon Lee Rd., turn left at Junction of Rt7 & Rt 931 at Colson Baptist Church, Hwy 7 S. to LES – {Bus #5407 – Rick Warf} …. NOTE: Take home Daniel’s Branch in the evening… … Beginning Jct of Rt 931/Rt 1862 on Camp Branch, up Sandlick Gap to Pistol City, to Jct of 931 & 1148, Right on 1148N. down Little Colley to Gurnie’s Store, Sexton’s Branch, Midland Dr… {Meet Bus #3604, Keith Baker} w/ Race Track & Daniel’s Branch students going to LES/LMS – {Bus #605 – Larry Gibbs} …. NOTE: Takes home Race Track in the evening… …. Race Track Hollow and Daniel’s Branch kids ride {Bus #3604 – Keith Baker} in the morning… NOTE: Buses #6110, #918 & #818 a.m. shuttle from LES/LMS to LCC… Buses #6110 & #818 – p.m. return from LCC in the evening…


… Start at Rite-Aid in Cumberland, Hwy 119N, Lewis Creek -(p.m. only – Winn Br, Old U.S. 119, Partridge, Collier’s Creek) {Bus #513, Freddie Terry}… … Flat Gap – Rt 932 to VA line, Robert’s Branch, (Sp Needs shuttle to/from {Bus #718, Gerry Terry}; Hwy 806, Eolia – {Bus #219, Roger Collins} …. Old U.S. 119, Partridge, Collier’s Creek – in a.m. only {Bus #820, Mike Wright} Special Needs –- Winn Br. [NOTE: all students] … Eolia, Flat Gap, Robert’s Branch, across U.S. 119 to/from Whitesburg & LCC – {Bus #718, Gerry Terry} …. COWAN ELEMENTARY (K-8) … Johnson’s Fork, [NOTE: No Darrell Rd., turn at garage ¼ mile in right-hand fork]; Hwy 588E, Kingdom Come Creek, UZ, Ice, Recycling Center to/from CES… {Bus #506 – Josh Craft} … Crest of Smoot Creek hill, (Hwy 1811), Cinnamon Drive [NOTE: Bus Stop/Turn at Buck Lick], Hwy 15N to Old Mill Vendor’s Mall, Hwy 15s. to Hwy 160, NOTE: Bus Stop at Mouth of Bee Tree Hollow, Premium, Hwy 588E, Hwy 3401N (Parkway Motel) to Hwy 15, to Hwy 931S at Whitco –- {Bus #4706, Beth Terry} …. …Hwy 510 to Harlan Co. line, Gilley, Hwy 463, Gordon, Hwy 160W past old Kingdom Come School, 931N across Cowan Mtn – {Bus #815, Tonya Logan} …. … Tipple on Rt 160 above Roxanna; Jct Rt 160 & 588 at Roxanna, Rt 160E up Kingscreek, 931N across Cowan Mtn., Little Cowan – {Bus #5507,Steve Dollarhide} …. … Defeated Creek, Hwy 1103s, Ingrams Creek & Boggs Hollow, Rt 160s, Rt 931N, shuttle to LCC in the a.m. – {Bus #5307, Bill Ison}


Rt 3402- Little Dry Fork [Crown], Loggy Hollow, Crest of hill on Rt 15 at Dry Fork; to Rt 932- Sandlick – to House of Prayer (Church) at foot of Sandlick Gap [NOTE: all Sandlick students morning and evening]; entrance to Westwood {Bus #615 – Joe McCray} …. … Head of hollow, above Snake Valley -Hwy 2034 -Crafts Colley, NOTE: Bus Stop for Magnolia Ln. will be at the mouth of the hollow – {Bus #4105 – Dwayne Herald} …. Crafts Colley, Ermine by Walmart to Pine Mtn. Jct.; and (WWE)-school-side Housing Authority — {Bus #4405 – Marvin Boggs} … Pine Creek, NOTE: Cram Creek & Crossover Rd – morning/evening; Ermine, Tunnel Hill, Upper Bottom (bridge entrance), Solomon, Downtown-by Rec Center – {Bus #611 – Mike Hall} [NOTE: No Sandlick – All Sandlick ride #615] … Bottom Fork; U.S. 119 north thru Mayking, Day Care at Golf Course Ln.; Pert Creek-[morning] ride {Bus #415, Roland Craft} to meet Bus #613-[evening ride Bus #613 to meet Bus #415]; thru Downtown by First Baptist Church. In the evening – shuttle to LCC, {Bus #613, Lesley Morton} … Limestone Dr., U.S. 119 at Ermine, Brass Drive, Mayking Loop, {Bus #6110, Harry Collins}


… Beginning at the Knott Co. line at Shelby Fork, along Hwy 7, pickups back to Jct. of Hwy 317 at Deane – Dicks Br., Appletree Br., Coon Hollow, across Rockhouse Mtn., continue on Hwy 317S, Quillen Fork to FNE – {Bus #3704, Austin Johnson} … Meet {Bus# 608 – Josh Tyree} at FN to LCC.. In the evening – Shelby Fork, Dicks Br., Appletree Br., Coon Hollow ride {Bus #613, Lesley Morton}… … McRoberts, 15 Hollow, Shea’s Fork, Tom Biggs Hollow, Fleming – {Bus #319 – Mark Young to FN} – {Ride Bus #608 Josh Tyree to/from LCC} … Goose Creek, Grassy Fork, Yont’s Fork – NOTE: Turnaround/Bus Stop at Setter Rd, Pottertown, Hwy 317s, Hemphill, to Neon Jct. – {Bus #608 – Josh Tyree} …. … Indian Creek, Beaverdam, Buck Creek, Trace (Airport) Mtn., Colson, Hwy 931s, to Pistol City, Sandlick, {Bus #411 – Bill Hatton a.m.//Bus #613 – Lesley Morton p.m.} …. in the mornings Trace, Buck Creek, Beaverdam – ride {Bus #5607, Danny Bates} transfer to Bus #411 at the mouth of Beaverdam… … Hwy 805s, Haymond, Neon Jct., Whitaker, Seco, Millstone, Mayking Loop – {Bus #5709 – Woody Sexton}. … Stinking Br., Camp Branch on 1862e, Thornton, Sergent (at Bridge), {Bus #417, Aaron Holbrook} Meets {Bus #5709, Woody Sexton} …. In the evenings – Stinking Branch, Camp Branch on 1862e, Thornton, Sergent ride {Bus #5709 – Woody Sexton} – meet Bus #417 at Mayking FD…. … U.S. Hwy 119 thru Payne Gap, Bill Moore Branch, Webb Br, Craft’s Branch-(Upper end of Bottom Fork); students from East Jenkins, Jenkins, Dunham, Fish Pond Rd, ride {Bus #4606 – Garland Ratliff} to meet – {Bus #720 – Mike Melton} … … Pine Creek, Hwy 119s at Mayking, Downtown (East end), Solomon, Upper Bottom, Tunnel Hill. NOTE: In the morning – meet (Pine Mtn Grill) {Bus #613 – Lesley Morton} with Pert Creek, Bottom Fork students – {Bus #415, Roland Craft} – in the evening Little Cowan – … Hwy 2034 – Crafts Colley, NOTE: Bus Stop for Magnolia Ln. will be at the mouth of the hollow – {Bus #4105 – Dwayne Herald} …. … U.S. 119N at Partridge, Harlan Co. line, Winn Branch. NOTE: In the morning meets {Bus #513 – Freddie Terry} from Cumberland & Lewis Creek in Collier’s Creek; Eolia, Rt 932, Flat Gap, Pine Mtn. {Bus #820, Mike Wright} …. In the morning {Bus #219 – Roger Collins} delivers students from Eolia, Rt 932, Flat Gap, to LCC… In the evening – Bus #820 meets {Bus #219 & Bus #718 at Comm Ctr, with Flat Gap & Eolia students respectively} … in the morning … Johnson’s Fork, Hwy 160W., Premium, Kingdom Come Creek ride {Bus #506 – Josh Craft} to Cowan Elem. …Hwy 15N. to Neace Bldg., Old Skate Rink, Smoot Creek, Cinnamon Drive, Hwy 160w, Hwy 588 thru Ice – ride {Bus #4706 – Beth Terry} to Cowan Elem.; Roxanna, Kingscreek – {Bus #5507, Steve Dollarhide} – – – all to Cowan Elementary.. From there: Ride {Shuttle Bus #815 – Tonya Logan} to LCC … in the evening …. Hwy 3401 at Parkway Motel, Dry Fork, Loggy Hollow, Bee Tree Hollow, Premium, Johnson’s Fork, Ice, Turkey Creek – {Bus #411 – Bill Hatton} to Dry Fork, meet {Bus #3003, Joe McCray} … Hwy 588 thru Ice, UZ, Hwy 160E. Hwy 588E., Kingdom Come Creek, Roxanna, Kingscreek. (In the p.m., meets {Bus #506, Josh Craft} at the mouth of Kingdom Come Creek; meets {Bus 5407, Barney Back} at Roxanna for students that go to Turkey Creek) – {Bus #411 – Bill Hatton} …. … in the morning Loggy Hollow, Dry Fork, Hwy 15N ride {Bus #3003 – Joe McCray} meets {Bus #3604 – Keith Baker} to LCC … … Jct. Hwy 15 & Rt 7 at Breeding’s Hwy 7N, Racetrack Hollow, Daniel’s Branch, Low Gap (Sexton’s Branch), Midland Drive, Gurnie’s Store, Hwy 1148N up Little Colley, Sandlick Gap, 931N., Sandlick.– {Bus #3604, Keith Baker} …. … Hwy 510 at Gilley, Gordon, Hwy 160E by Old Kingdom Come Elem., Cowan, Whitco, Hwy 931N below Little Cowan – {Bus #515 – Diane Sparkman} …. … Old Dixon Rd. (Caudill’s Br.), Red Star Bridge, Crases Br., Shuttle to/from LCC… In the evenings – meets {Bus #317 – M. Blair} to Blackey, meets {Bus #3003 – Jackie Logan} to Elk Creek, Carcassonne; meets {Bus #315 – Nadean Hayes} on Hwy 7 S. into Linefork, Hwy 1103 South… {Bus #6210 – Chetty Smith} …. Smoot Creek, Hwy 931 to Gurnie’s, Hwy 15s. crest of hill at Old Mill Vendor’s Mall, Old Isom at John B.’s, Stamper’s Br., Garner Mtn, Hwy 7s. to LES, (in the p.m., all of Smoot Creek, Cinammon Dr.) – {Bus #818 – Chris Hensley} …. In a.m. – Cinnamon Dr., Smoot Creek to Hwy 15 at Van ride {Bus #4706, Beth Terry} to Cowan, then shuttle {Bus #815 – Tonya Logan}, to LCC.. Doty Creek – NOTE: Bus Stop/Turn Around will be at wide spot on right just above Sunny Point Rd., Black Bottom, Blair Br., Rt 7s ride {Bus #918 – Madge Caudill} in the a.m. In the p.m. ride {Bus #818 – Chris Hensley} to meet Bus #918 at church beside Letcher FD.

Special Needs Buses Assigned Where Necessary

Steven Jent (Bus #618) – Millstone, Goosecreek, Hemphill, Neon, McRoberts, Haymond, Grays Br., Whitaker, Jenkins, Bill Moore Branch Bert Hurt (Bus #217) – Rt 7N from Isom, Deane, Indian Creek, Camp Branch, Ermine, Mayking Alfretta Adams (Bus #620) – Roxanna, Elk Creek, Jent Mtn., Adams Br., Jeremiah, Little Colley, Hwy 15 to Whitesburg Bill Brown (Bus #5910) – Millstone, Thornton, Craft’s Colley, Mayking, Pert Creek; Downtown Whitesburg Dewanna K. Combs (Bus #420) – Gilley, Gordon, Cornetts Br., Cowan Martha Bentley (Bus #211) – Bill Moore; Payne Gap, Housing Authority… Rick Adams (Bus #520) – Jenkins, Dunham, McRoberts, Neon, Millstone to FN/MJP, WWE/WMS & LCC… Vacant – (Herbert Dean Cornett) (Bus #5207) – Tolby, Lilley Cornett Br., UZ, Little Dry Fork to WWE/WMS & LCC … In the p.m. ride {Bus #420 – Kay Combs} to meet {Bus #6010 – Connie Adams}


Connie Adams – (Bus #311) – North and West of Whitesburg to/from WWE Vacant – (Bus #3905) – South and East of Whitesburg to/from WWE

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