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36 city employees taking mandatory days off in W’burg

Thirty-six City of Whitesburg employees are being furloughed one day of each two-week pay period.

Whitesburg Mayor James W. Craft said that finances of the city have caused the mandatory days off for employees of the administration, street department and water department. Fire and police department employees have been spared the furlough.

“We don’t pay anything to start with, very little,” he said. “You take a day’s pay out of their check and it’s tough. There’s no choice.”

In the two months since the furloughs began, Craft says the city is saving an average of $4,000 a month.

“It’s only temporary until taxes start coming in,” he said.

About 600 city stickers have been sold since July and an estimated 1,600 were sold last year. Craft said revenue from business licenses is also down, with about 350 of 2,000 business licenses purchased.

“So we’re in a real bind,” said Craft. “Everybody’s economy is down.”

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