Whitesburg KY

6 face non-support counts

The Letcher Grand Jury has indicted six people on charges of flagrant non-support of children.

The grand jury says those named in the indictments owe at least $1,000 and/or have failed to make payments for at least six consecutive months. They are:

• Amanda R. Duty, 29, also known as Amanda R. Sandlin, 153 Heritage Drive, Millstone.

In a second indictment, Duty is charged with bail jumping for failing to appear for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 29 in Letcher District Court.

Letcher County Deputy Circuit Clerk Sandra Wright testified in the bail jumping case.

• James Robert Lynam, 36, 291 Buck Creek, Whitesburg, Ky., currently an inmate in the Letcher County Jail.

• Angel K. Holbrook, 34, also known as Angela K. Holbrook, 2942 Hwy. 317, Jackhorn. Holbrook is also charged with being a persistent felony offender.

• Everett Hunsaker III, 43, 126 Wright’s Hollow, Jenkins.

• Jason W. Bentley, 16 Cora Whitaker Drive, Jenkins.

• Roger Lee Whitaker Jr., 40, 35 Ernie Circle, London. Whitaker is charged in a second indictment for flagrant non-support.

Regina Hurst of the Letcher County Division of Child Support Enforcement testified in the flagrant non-support cases.

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