Whitesburg KY




Louie Meeks, 93, was presented with a gold 70-year membership pin March 3 by local officers of the United Mine Workers of America. The presentation was made at Boone Fork Senior Citizens Center where Meeks eats lunch daily. Meeks, who lives alone, “looks like he’s 50 but acts like he’s 40, and drives like he’s 30,” says friends. He describes the mine where he began work when he was 16 years old as having a clean-up policy, meaning miners hand drilled with a breast auger, blasted the coal down, pushed the coal cars into place by hand, and then loaded the coal into the cars with a shovel. The miners were not allowed to come out of the mine until all the blasteddown coal was loaded into the coal cars. The next shift usually started before daybreak, and the miners again drilled, shot, and cleaned up, coming out of the mine most of the time after dark. Pictured are (left to right) Willard Rudd, James Bullion, Louie Meeks, Leonard Fleming, and Jimmy Newman.

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