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80th birthday party held for Alice Adams

Since I didn’t have a column in last week’s paper, some of this is a couple of weeks ago news.

The Jeremiah community lost a good neighbor and friend, and Roland, Carol Blair and family lost a great father and grandfather with the passing of Clayton Shepherd.

Clayton lived a long life and was able to stay up and active and taking care of himself until the last few months, when he became a resident of the Veterans Nursing Home and later the Hospice Hospital in Hazard. He lived to be almost 94 years old.

Clayton and Bertha were one of the couples that when you said their names, you said them together as one. After he lost Berthie he was very lonely, but was active in the Senior Citizens Center at Blackey and continued to attend our local churches and his church at Blackey’s Mt. Olivet, and kept busy working around his home.

He was given a very respectful funeral recounting his service during World War II as a gunner on a Navy ship, his dedication to the Lord and his church, and to his family.The veterans from Pound, Va., gave their military rites at the church, folllowing his funeral at Mt. Olivet.

Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy go out to Carol, Roland, Dewayne, Valerie and the great-grandchildren, plus his other family and friends during the loss of Clayton.

Mary Helen Blair is doing better after her recent stroke, and is managing very well with therapy and seems to be almost as well as before, just a little troubled with her balance.

Gillis Reedy was recently surprised with a birthday cake and ice cream by his friends, Lee and Wilma Pridemore, and a few others who came by to wish him a happy day.

Also, Ellis and Ila Adams celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and their daughter, Tammy, had a birthday. Jeremiah

Gary and Becky Pridemore took a trip to Missouri and toured around the area, visiting the St. Louis Arch and other destinations. They stopped in Illinois and spent the night with Darrell and Vicki Pridemore, and also came back to Lexington and stayed with Kelly and the girls one night.

I forgot to mention how happy we were for Johnny Holbrook of Isom, who recently joined the Millstone Missionary Baptist Church and was baptized.

Dock Adams has been to Pikeville to have his eyes checked. He has macular degeneration and the doctors have been giving him treatment for it.

Tim and Mary Jane Back have been taking their grandsons, Walker and Isaiah, to church, to help out Becky, who got an infection after Isaiah’s birth. Hopefully she’s better by now.

Congratulations to Lowell Banks and Tina Ross, who were recently married and have purchased the octagon house on Burton Hill. They are remodeling it one room at a time as they find the time between work.

Marie Banks was pleased to have her two new greatgrandsons brought by to see her. She had a whole house full of her family and was tickled to have them and getting to see the babies.

Bob stopped by to check on Dorse and Gwen Fields last Sunday. Dorse is doing okay and is taking chemo. They are looking forward to having a big Thanksgiving get together.

Alice Adams of Woodrock was surprised last Saturday with an 80th birthday party. It was held at the Stuart Robinson Dining Hall, and we hope she had a great day.

I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather and has a good week.

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