Whitesburg KY

A baby shower was held for Henriksons


My sympathy to the family of Eugene Francis of Florida. He died Friday. He was the brother of Mae Fugate of Carcassonne. Eugene had been sick for some time.

Doris Adams of Blackey, had to be taken to Whitesburg Hospital on Friday. She was feeling bad and they said her blood pressure was the problem. She had to stay two nights. Her husband, Ray Dean, has been letting my parents know how she is doing.

There was a baby shower held at Pizza Hut on Saturday for Karen and Jonny Henrikson of Carcassonne. Karen is due in April. They have two little girls, Takoa and Taylor, and the baby is a boy. Lindsey Reid of London brought her week-old baby girl, Tori Kay, in for the shower.

I talked to Preston “Rabbit” Halcomb of Blackey, the other day and he said he wasn’t feeling too well. He told me he had a heart attack before Christmas; I hadn’t heard about it. I hope he feels better soon.

My mom, Jean, has been having some health problems but is slowing feeling some better, She has Parkinson’s disease and has been having problems with all the medicine she has been taking. She also had to have a CAT scan, but everything was fine on it.

Rita Gilley of Letcher, has been sick with bronchitis for about a week. Her son, Shawn, is recovering from hernia surgery.

Happy birthday to Summer Madden of Crases Branch. She will be five on March 15. They are having a skating party for her in Hazard. She is the daughter of Tim and Donella Madden and has a younger sister, Autumn, and a younger brother, Blake.

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