Whitesburg KY

A case of spring fever

How about that? I had an awful bad case of a thing called spring fever, with just a touch of fishing fever to go along with it.

Please remember I said ‘had,’ because this little cold snap has done and cured me of both ailments. I guess I’ll just have to sit in my favorite part of the house and think about fishing while — or until — my spring fever gets better.

I can’t climb or walk up any elevated surface, so there are not too many places I can go fishing. But I sure do enjoy taking my grandchildren fishing when I can. If they catch a fish only three or four inches long, they get about as excited as they would if they had caught one a foot long, and that is what it’s all about, seeing and hearing all the excitement when they catch something.

They usually catch more fish than I do anyway.

I love children and enjoy any time I get to spend with them because they are precious, all of them. If all adults were as innocent as little children, we would be living in a magnificent society, a carefree, or should I say, a worry-free society.

When we get to spend time with a child or children, that time is an influence on them and the attitude they will develop as they grow older. A good many children never see the things they need to at home. Instead, they see drug addiction and alcoholism, and they breathe second-hand tobacco smoke while they listen to filthy language.

It is of no benefit to tell a child not to do something, if it is aware that you are doing that very thing yourself.

I guess children get spring fever and fishing fever, too, because it means being able to do things outside instead of being confined indoors and trying the patience of the adults.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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