Whitesburg KY

A case of ‘wonderitis’

Sometimes we get to wondering about this or that, and before you know it, we come down with a case of ‘wondering-itis.’

When we get that we are in for a bumpy ride for a spell as we wonder through life. We get to the point where we start to wonder about things that are irrelevant to survival, such as why lichen grows on the north side of a tree.

We may wonder if this is a reliable way to tell north from south if we should become disoriented in the woods. We may wonder why we have evergreen trees, which do not drop all their foliage in the fall, but drop it only as it is replenished, such as pine, cedar, holly and so forth.

Is it to help the tree survive the drastic changes in the weather pattern, or is it another one of God’s planned works of landscape art?

We may also wonder why all leaves on our trees do not develop the same color tones as the trees begin to weep, and allow their leaves to slowly flutter, ever so quietly to the ground.

We may wonder how a feathered critter such as a chicken can clutch a tree limb or a similar object for hours without losing its grip and falling down, or at best, hanging upside down, or why does a fowl always step back each time after it scratches.

Is it because its eyes do not focus very well when they are directed downward, or is it because they are looking to see if they are standing on an intended morsel of food perhaps?

Ever wonder why a frog is not born with legs so it would not have to grow them after it is born instead of being born with a tail, or why it has to hop instead of walking to get around? Why a rattlesnake gains another rattle each time it sheds?

Wonder why peanuts are underground instead of aboveground like other nuts, or why some green beans have strings and others don’t?

Undoubtedly, all canned beans you buy at the grocery are stringless since the machine cuts them to the proper length before they are canned and have no way of removing strings.

Ever wonder why some people are lazy and some are not? Why some are evil while others are not? Why some are friendly and others act as if someone put cockle burrs in their bed?

We may wonder why cats can climb trees but dogs can’t, or why some critters hibernate and others don’t, and how much their metabolism can drop to a level to sustain them while they are in a dormant stage, so to speak.

Or why some people wonder while others are content to just wander through life not caring if the sun doesn’t come up.

And that’s enough wondering from the funny farm until next time.

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