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A comfy nest for winter months

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Since it looks like this horrible coronavirus isn’t going away soon, we might as well take a few steps to make our lives more comfortable over the winter. Here are some ideas:

• Investigate a new wireless router to speed up your Wi-Fi connection, especially if you have multiple devices that put a drag on your connection. Be sure it’s at least Wi-Fi 5, not Wi-Fi 4. The newest, Wi-Fi 6, is top of the line.

• Buy a warm fleece blanket, one-person size, for watching TV at night. These 50×70 throws are just the right length.

• Consider getting a Kindle, with a free three-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited. You can grab up to 10 free books or magazines at a time. Once you’ve read one, delete it and get another one. After three months you can decide if you want to spend $9.99/month to keep the subscription going. Depending on your reading habits, this can be a good deal.

• If you have someone who can deliver and assemble it, an outdoor propane grill can be a bit of summer fun in the middle of a cold winter.

• Keep an eye on sales if you need an additional pot for the extra cooking you’re doing. Stores like Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond have curbside delivery, so if you pay online you don’t have to go in the store. Get freezer bags to store individual portions you can pull out and heat up without cooking every day.

• Splurge on one good, thick sweater or zip sweatshirt to wear in the house.

• Think about getting an air cleaner for inside the house to clean up dust mites, stale air and pet dander. Be cautious about the price of replacement filters.

• Reorganize your kitchen cabinets, pantry or linen closet shelves.

• And don’t forget to stock up on batteries!

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