Whitesburg KY

A cornerstone for our democracy

In 1775 when the founding fathers began building our federal government, one of the first things they did was to create the Post Office Department. Their decision to start by providing for the safe, secure, independent exchange of ideas has proven to be an important cornerstone for our democracy, a building block for freedom and economic prosperity.

Today, the Postal Service handles 44 percent of the world’s cards and letters, equipping American businesses large and small with global access to commercial opportunities. Some 37,000 post offices fulfill the mailing needs of 300 million Americans, with each office proudly flying the Stars and Stripes as a daily reminder of our heritage and our commitment to service to our country.

More than 25,000 other businesses also offer stamps and/or other postal services on our behalf. And the same high-quality service and value is available at America’s “virtual” post office at www.usps.com. You can buy stamps, order mailing materials, print shipping labels, look up a ZIP Code, get tips for making businesses more successful, and create and mail cards, letters and fliers – all via the Internet. You can even find the location of the nearest facility and pay a visit to an important cornerstone of our democracy – a United States post office.

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