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A cyclone? No, four little girls visiting

Hello everyone! Happy Father’s Day to all you guys.

Gee, how the weeks are flying by. It seems I just get a column sent to The Mountain Eagle and it’s time to write another.

Each week as I look around I find more beautiful things to be thankful for as the mimosa trees are gorgeous. I get laughed at because I like the wild orange lilies that bloom alongside the road.

I picked up my three granddaughters, Sarah 11, Jessica 8, and Katelyn 6. We took a detour to McDonald’s to get the girls breakfast on the go. My friend Vickie Power and her nine-year-old granddaughter Katie came by the house, then Vickie took the girls swimming at the pool in the mobile home park where she lives as I had something I had to do. Vickie took them for lunch at Skyline Chili then came by the house for a few hours as it decided to rain.

I had to go help my friend so Vickie watched them in the afternoon for me. They decided to go swimming again, then back to my house until I got home after a trip to La Rosa’s for supper.

The only thing, when I got home it looked like a cyclone had gone through the house. It was a fun time for all and the girls were tired from swimming.

Katie was going to spend the night with us until Vickie took her home to get some clothes, then she decided to crawl in her grandmother’s bed and fell asleep so Vickie called to say they weren’t coming for the night.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers meeting. The girls have always enjoyed this, but now Sarah is getting too old for it. I also found Sarah is outgrowing the need for staying with Mommaw as she was bored until she got on the computer to play games. Sarah is a lot taller than I am; of course her parents are tall also. Jessica laughed because she wears the same size shoes that I do. Katelyn is a little girl, however sleeping with her is like sleeping with a pony as she kicks so much.

I went to visit my friend Sue Courtney who lives between Rising Sun and Patriot, Ind. The hours flew as I was there about six hours before heading home. Sue fixed Ball Park franks on the grill, Bush’s baked beans plus she made a delicious salad. We ate under the umbrella on her patio while watching barges go past.

Sue’s mobile home overlooks the Ohio River. She owns riverfront property and we walked down to the edge of the river. It was muddy so I wasn’t about to put my feet in it. We could see fish jumping up out of the water.

Upon the hillside behind Sue’s mobile home is a flat spot, then the hillside is covered with trees. I saw papaw trees, so I asked Sue if I was seeing right. Sue laughed and said they grow papaws every year, except the deer get them first.

Next time I go to visit her we are going to build a fire and roast marshmallows.

Sue gave me some flowers. I have just about got them planted in my yard. This is a task for me to do as I have been having some health problems and am very short of breath. While I was putting plants around my porch, a dog followed a vehicle out of the lane next to our house. I threw a rock at it, which wasn’t too smart of an idea. It had another dog with it and came running toward me. Did I say I was short of breath? Well, you wouldn’t have thought so if you had seen me running to get to the safety of the house.

I don’t have animals and it seems there’s always a stray that comes around and these two dogs aren’t welcome.

Gwen Huff Farmer sent me pictures of her garden, which is beautiful. I teased her about planting such a big garden when she said she was going to cut back. It probably is less than she has in previous years, but it is still a lot for her to do. Remember Gwen had a knee replacement not long ago.

Willamae Boggs is not perking at her best speed as she is having quite a bit of trouble with her bones. Her husband Carl is afraid to hug her as her bones are so brittle.

Willamae said she never heard me complain. Now it seems for the last two months that has been all she has heard out of me. Actually, I have been in pretty good health except for the times I have fallen and gotten hurt, except for this shortness of breath which is aggravating the dickens out of me. I had some extensive tests done on my heart, and nothing was wrong. All the doctor said he found out was that I have a low blood count. When I received the bill it almost gave me a heart attack! I had the tests done about four days before Medicare kicked in!

I haven’t been on the computer very much so I haven’t been in touch with Shirley Wells. I know she is enjoying this warm weather and probably spending time with her family.

I haven’t talked to Ann or Johnny Calihan so I don’t know if they have been turtle hunting anymore or not!

Ann did tell me that the rose that we brought her from her grandmother Mary Caudill’s old homeplace on Tolson Creek is really pretty. It was such a small thing to do, and it has brought Ann so much pleasure.

A blue flower that I brought back from the mountains of eastern Kentucky is so pretty now. They have come up with a name and sell this same flower at Kroger’s. The same with the orange flower that grows wild that I dug up last year, and the lady told me that it wouldn’t grow. Well, it is getting ready to bloom.

When I came home one night my son Keith was finishing up mowing the yard and it was 10 p.m.

I came home to find a care package between my doors. Ann or Johnny Calihan had come to deliver me some lettuce and onions. Now, Larry Roark, I can enjoy some good food too.

Larry, I am so sorry to hear of the accident that took your cousin Amy Ison. My sympathy goes to her family.

Polly Maucher will be hosting Family and Friends Reunion July 3 at New Trenton Fire Department. No one is allowed to hold Michael Ison’s hand except me, nor sit on Doug Ison’s knee. That is reserved for me. Right, Frick and Frack!

My brother Richie Hall is having lots of problems with his back and legs again. Wanda is going to have to throw away his bottle since he can’t stand up, and then she needs to come to see where I have stashed mine since Richie nor I can’t seem to stay straight up.

Well, it seems I am running late as usual so if I have left anyone out I am sorry.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@ aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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