Whitesburg KY

A different kind of pickle

It’s said that when you get in trouble you’re “in a pickle,” and when a person is drunk they’re “pickled.”

I wonder how they came up with these? The only pickles I know of have been good ones.

To preserve something, you can pickle just about everything you grow in your garden. I’ve even seen a recipe for pickled black walnuts.

You can pickle cabbage and make kraut, which is good with soup beans. You can chop up tomatoes, squash, corn, cucumbers and okra and make pickle relish, or “chow-chow”, which is also good on soup beans.

My great-aunt on Dry Fork, Lettie Baker, made some good pickled green beans and pickled corn. It was very good with cornbread, fried potatoes and soup beans.

You can cut up green onions on top of your soup beans, or you can let them grow big and pickle them. Dill pickled okra is good with soup beans.

You can even pickle crab apples, but they’re not good with soup beans.

A fella at the Blackey Senior Citizen Center gave me an idea today. Since pickled vegetables are so good with soup beans, why don’t we just pickle some soup beans?

I wonder why no one ever thought of this before?

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