Whitesburg KY

A dinner was held for Bill Gibson’s 104th birthday


Our sympathy to the family of Lee Hatton of Blackey, who died last week. He had been very sick and in the hospital recently, but died at home.

We hope “Buzz” Adams, Lowell Caudill, and Bascom McIntyre are all feeling better this week.

I also hope Lucy Blair is recovering from her recent fall which bruised her up.

It was sad to hear about former Red Star resident Rachel Fields dying. She was brought back for her funeral at the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday. She and Sam lived where Glen and Zona Hampton live now, and were two of the nicest people.

Ruby Meyers had a long visit with Opal Banks recently. Opal also had her brothers, Bill and Jr., visit with her, and Hazel Adams checks on her daily.

We really have had a blast of cold winter weather and I hope everyone fared alright with it.

I’d like to send a big hello to Irene Dixon, who has been missing there Jeremiah column. Maybe I’ll start getting my column back in on time.

Arizona Adams has been helping out with her brother, Ben Blair, and his wife, who are needing a little help now. Their daughter is staying with them.

At Blair Branch Church recently, Kim Adams Watts was baptized. She is the daughter of the late Curt and Ailene Adams. Even though it was cold, she came out of the water so happy and we are glad to have her as a member.

A birthday dinner was held at the church for Bill Gibson, who is 104 years old now. He gets around well for his age.

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