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Mostly cloudy

A few days of sunshine would sure be nice

We sure are having a cold, snowy winter so far this year. I hope we get a little break from the cold and snow because a few days of sunshine would sure be nice.

Since my last column, former Letcher resident Carol Adams Duke, of London, died. She was the wife of Joe Duke and a sister to Martin Joe Adams.

Claudette Adams and Geraldine Caudill also lost a sister to death. It was their sister Iona, wife of Troy Hampton. She was a daughter of the late Les and Jeanette Back. Jeremiah

Jason and Brooke Ison and their baby, of Hawaii, have been visiting their families here. Everyone has been enjoying the time spoiling the new baby.

Geraldine Ison spent a couple of days in the hospital in Lexington recently. We missed her at Blair Branch Church weekend before last, but her grandson stayed with her so Rodney could attend church. Rodney also had an appointment in Lexington last week, and hopefully he checked out okay.

A few neighbors who have been having health problems lately are: Arnetta Mae Slone; ‘Idie’ Adams and her daughters Cathy, Thelma and Freda; Homer Smith; and Allen Whitaker. Those are just a few of many neighbors and friends who need our prayers.

Belated birthday wishes to Dennis Blair, Dock Adams and Lee Pridemore, who had January birthdays.

Bob, Hunter and I went down to Morehead to visit with Luther and Betty Jo Adams. We had a good visit and also got to see their son, Mike, his daughter, Shelby, and her friend. Betty Jo came back with us so she could visit with her sisters at the old homeplace. When we dropped Betty off at Pratt Fork, her sisters Brenda and Christine were there to greet her, and later some more of their sisters came in to visit with them and their brother Ted. They are the children of the late Kermit and Ruby Asher.

I forgot to mention that Genny Caudill has moved into her new home on Doty Creek. She now lives next to Randy and Caroline Blair on the left fork of Doty. Lowell Banks is now living in Lowell and Genny Caudill’s old home on Doty.

We sure will miss Shirley Caudill since she has closed her gas station at Isom. It was always good to have your gas pumped for you and talk with her and the workers.

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