Whitesburg KY

A good snow is good for the soil


Our winter season is going by pretty fast. No really bad weather so far. A good snow is good for the soil, and helps raise the water level.

Several attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday. We were all sad about the death of Mrs. Paul Jackson, who was called by death this past week. She was a devoted member of the church and will be sadly missed by her loved ones, the church and those she met along the way.

Our sympathy to all her family. Her death was a sudden shock to her family, the church, her loved ones and friends.

Jessica Boggs went with a group of Campbellsville students to Washington, D.C. They attended the presidential inauguration, and went to Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery and to Monticello and many more places.

Happy birthday this month to David Combs of Ice, Steve Boggs, Jim Adkins and Bill Jones of Naples, Fla., Madge Combs on Jan. 17, Danola Adkins Andrew on Jan. 20, and to Robby and Regina Crawford’s granddaughter, Kylie Cornett of Berea, on her sixth birthday on Jan. 2.

Missionaries Craig and Kathy Lowell and their four children have been visiting the Mayking Baptist Church while on furlough from Patua, New Guinea. They had interesting pictures and stories to relate and gave a good report on the response they are having. Duane and Anna Yonts were pleased to have them stay with them. It was good to visit again. The kids have grown so much.

Sandy Bloomer Miller, Barbara Adams and Sheila Brown met at Wendy’s for lunch, then visited Helen Cooper at her home on Kingscreek.

Sandy, Barbara, Shelia and Helen all graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1964 and from Berea College in 1968.

Sandy and Helen have kept in touch through the years, but this was the first time the four of them had been together for over 40 years. They reminisced about their school days and caught up on news of each other’s families. They discovered they all enjoy the same literature, and Helen gave each of them some books. They visited with Helen’s mother, Gertrude Fields, who lives near Helen. It was a wonderful experience for all the girls and they enjoyed being together again. They plan to stay in touch and get together again.

Duane and Roger Yonts and several others went to Indianapolis for David Wayne Messer’s funeral. He was the son of Marie Yonts Messer.

I got a nice call from Barbara Wise in Louisville. She grew up on Colly near Ermine.

She enjoys The Mountain

Eagle to hear a word from someone back home. I enjoy and appreciate her calls. It was good to hear from her.

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