Whitesburg KY

A good time was had at Whitesburg Day

Big Cowan

Well, my oldest granddaughter is 17 years old. It seems like only yesterday I was bouncing her on my knee and she had the prettiest dimples and little chubby cheeks.

Now she is a beautiful young lady. Happy birthday, Sweetie, Nana and Papa love you.

She is the daughter of our youngest son, Chad, and lives in Greensburg, Ind. Keep her in your prayers, she is going through a lot in her teenage years.

I hope everyone had a good time during the Mountain Heritage Festival. My family went to Whitesburg Day and had a good time. It was just too hot for me. We enjoyed the barbecue at the bank and also met Jim Cornett and bought a few goodies.

It rained all day Saturday, so I never made it to the festival. Maybe next year.

I sure hated to hear about Clyde Hatton dying. Our prayers are with Oma and the rest of the family.

Also, J. B. Banks, formerly of Cowan, has died. I don’t think I know him, but our prayers are with his family also.

My cousin Audrey Maggard Hammonds and her husband Charles were in for her 50th class reunion (Whitesburg High School Class of 1959). She won the first prize, and it was a picture of the old high school. I would really treasure that.

They met at Parkway Inn on Friday night and had dinner at the new high school on Saturday evening. She stated that they had a blast.

Pray list this week: Ann and Johnny Collier, Mary Lou Turner, Alyssa Nicely, Heather Day Griffey, Christy Polly, Grant Fields, Astor Fields Jr., Archie Fields, Kathy Wolfe, JoAnn Fields, Ashley Fields, Thomas Wolfe, Tim Dobson, Irene and Eugene Day, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Mary Ann Maggard, Destiny Maggard, Mary Lou Fields, all of our lost loved ones, our teenagers, our country, and our churches as it seems like so many are falling away.

Remember the old song, ‘There’s Dust on the Altar’ where we used to pray.

Pray for one another. Lift each other up, and pray for those who are weak.

Until next week, have a good week. Smile, God loves you, and so do I!

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