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A good time with grandchildren

Southern Ohio

Happy autumn, everyone!

I think with time going so fast it is beginning to affect my memory, as I completely forgot what day it is. Of course getting older hasn’t anything to do with it, or the fact so many things have taken place.

If I have a couple of more things happen in my personal life, I am calling it quits in writing this column as I can’t seem to concentrate any more.

My brother Jerry Hall spent a few days in Whitesburg Hospital. I am not sure of the results of his tests. My first instinct was to get in the car and head that way, but I decided to wait to see what was gong on.

It has been two weeks since my brother Richie Hall died, and I find myself still waiting for the phone to ring and hear his voice. I know time will help as when our mother died I did the same. I would even start to pick up the phone and call her.

When I call Wanda it is very hard to dial the number, knowing Richie will never pick up the phone.

I know it isn’t to question God, still I wonder why some people are called away, and others are left here on this earth.

Oh well, on to a much pleasant subject. I received a phone call from my granddaughter Jodi Gray inviting me to lunch on Thursday. At our set time, I heard music from outside and I opened the door expecting to see my son Keith Ballard as he will pull up in front of the house and rock it for a few minutes with his radio.

Jodi was putting the top down on a Chrysler Crossfi re, similar to the one that was demolished when she was involved in a wreck back in April, except this car is white and a newer model and a convertible. We went to Skyline Chili for lunch and I enjoyed it so much, and actually this was what I needed.

Jodi is 24 years old and it just seems like she is still a child. Sept. 10 was Jodi’s birthday.

I was in the mountains then, and my cell phone wouldn’t work, then when I had service I couldn’t find her cell phone number. In the meantime, I called my daughter Kay Gray to relay the happy birthday message to Jodi. I didn’t know at the time Jodi was in New York.

When Jodi stopped by Kay’s, she was very upset that I hadn’t called to wish her happy birthday so Kay told Jodi what had transpired with Richie.

It was such a delightful time with Jodi that I hated to see it come to an end.

Friday evening, I decided not to go listen to music, but to spend time with my daughter Anna Nottingham and my grandchildren. My granddaughter Sarah had homecoming at Beechwood High School, and Jessica had a birthday day sleepover party for her friend who turned 11.

Oh, I couldn’t believe these parents furnished a limo ride, and I mean a stretch limo, for 14 girls to go to a nail salon, and then out to eat.

Katelyn had volleyball games, and they won both games. I really enjoyed watching this. Katelyn is very athletic. Katie is small but she is great to watch at anything. She is fragile looking but holds her own in any sport, whether it’s volleyball or soccer.

Katie is eight years old, in the third grade and reading at sixth grade level. Oh yes, I am very proud of this little girl.

Anna and Jessica had to run into a store to get a present for the birthday party so I sat in the car with baby Kyle and Katie. Anna left her keys in case I wanted to start the car. All at once Katie asks, “Mamaw, don’t you know how to drive Mom’s car?” I replied, “I think I can!”

So Katie asks me, “Why don’t we go to the nearest ice cream place?” I asked her, “Where?”

All at once she says, “Mamaw, I just had a silent moment and I can’t remember.”(She has heard someone say ‘senior moment.’)

I started laughing so hard and told her that maybe we’d better wait until her mother came out of the store and then we would go get ice cream as I didn’t know where to go, and since she had a silent moment and couldn’t remember, I didn’t think it was a good idea with her mom with us.

Anna really surprised me by asking which Katie wanted ice cream or dinner first.

There’s a new ice cream place called FROG, which specializes in yogurt that’s very rich in taste and very expensive. Kyle had the best of two worlds as he ate a bite of mine then would go to his mom for a bite too.

Before we stopped for ice cream Anna had to take her husband Scott’s food as Scott had to go back to Beechwood School for duty. Scott is a policeman.

In the meantime she had to drop off something to Sarah at the school. Katie decided she had to run to the bathroom, and told Anna to hurry and go home as they live within sight of the school.

Anna told Katie to run into the school, and Katie came out and said she found $20 in the bathroom stall. Anna was shocked so she asks Katie, “Do you mean you found $20?” Katie replied, “Well yes!”

Anna asked Katie what should she do and Katie got quite for a second, and replied, “Keep it!”

Anna started to call Sarah in the school and ask if anyone had said anything about losing money, then decided to wait to see later if anyone says they lost it. If so, she is giving the money back.

It tickled me to think of Katie’s reply as what to do with it as she was all set to keep it. Anna said it bothered her as probably some kid didn’t have money for food during the homecoming and football game.

Saturday, Sarah’s band traveled to Danville for band completion, but I forgot to find out the results.

I kept my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold and we spent five hours in Sayler Park, which is not too far from where I live. Now you talk about a busy afternoon. Bennie need acorns for his kindergarten class, plus fall leaves.

While gathering acorns in the park, there was someone having a party, and the children thought what Bennie was doing was more fun and one little boy came to help. I found out he was five years old, and then before I knew it, there’s four more little ones helping pick up acorns.

When my daughter Angie came home, I had half a shoebox full of acorns waiting for her.

Bennie told me that I had made him the happiest Benjamin in the whole world.

Bennie might have been the happiest, but I think I might have been the tiredest as I let Bennie ride his bike a mile or so on the walking trail, and there was times I found myself running to keep up with him.

When Angie picked him at almost 12 that night I was very tired to say the least.

I called Anna and I told her if it was Grandma’s weekend, I had enough. She knew I was joking as I was laughing so hard I could hardly talk to her.

I talked to Gwen Huff Farmer and it seems Gwen is having trouble with her hands going to sleep. I hope this condition improves for her.

Shirley Wells is doing alright considering that she lost a favorite brother-inlaw. My sympathy goes to her sister Minnie.

The day is almost here as Saturday, Sept. 29, is Letcher County/Kentucky Picnic. Harrison Community Center, 300 George Street, Harrison. Bring a covered dish and your beverage. If you play music, please bring your instruments. Let’s hope it will be a warm day, and a very happy one for everyone. I am really looking forward to this event.

I hope Ann Calihan will sing her rooster song. Not the one that Jack Adams sings. I will fill you in on the details next week.

I hope to see Doyle and Betty Ison as it has been a month or so since I have seen them.

It is time for me to get this heading towards its destination.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513- 367-4682.

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