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A great cook(ie)book

Martha Stewart's

Martha Stewart’s “Cookies”

Martha Stewart’s latest cookbook keeps it plain and simple. And wonderful.

The title – “Cookies” – says it all. On offer are 175 recipes lushly and elegantly photographed. They are simple, beautiful and tempting, such as the Dark Chocolate Cookies with Sour Cherries or Cappuccino- Chocolate Bites.

The book’s real strength is its intuitiveness. The chapters are organized by cookie type – light and delicate, soft and chewy, crumbly and sandy, rich and dense, etc.

Even better is the table of contents, which is rendered graphically with a photo of each cookie. It’s a design that truly plays to the way people use cookbooks.

The back of the book also offers plenty of tips on tools, techniques and, of course, packaging.

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