Whitesburg KY

“A Little Girl’s Dream Comes True”

As a little Christian girl, I dreamed of how I could go about getting the Word of God out to the people. I joined church when I was 10 years old. As we all look back on our lives, when we become Christians, we are so excited to go tell people about the Lord, and then the world takes over our excitement. I did not allow the excitement to leave for long, keeping this in my heart I knew it would be in God’s time. As the Lord begins to press on my heart that it was time, so many emotions began to rise up in me: Joy, Fear, Excitement, Panic. How can all these emotions be there at the same time? Because the world tries to take our joy by overflowing us with the other emotions. One thing you can do is to say: “He that is in me is stronger than he that is in the world!” My name is Linda Amburgey, and I will be opening the Christian book store called ‘ GOD’S GOAL CHRISTIAN SUPPLY STORE’ in the pink building as you enter Whitesburg. Opening day will be May 7. Come out and help me celebrate my dream.

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