Whitesburg KY

A long row to hoe

To the Editor:

With much reading of progressive syndicated columnists and other good literature, I’m running late again. But I must applaud your editorial in the October 29 edition of The Eagle.

This one, entitled “The Election”, traced historically another depression, that one under Herbert Hoover and the historic account leading up to the New Deal under Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

What stands out was that though Mr. Hoover had good character and humanitarian aims, he still clung to inaction by government and the ideology of laissez-faire. What was important in the Great Depression was that FDR pushed the government to put people to work. As you report, he felt government must try something rather than passive waiting for a “free marketplace” solution.

In the tradition of Mr. Hoover’s small government role, the chief government action under Bush was to reward those not needing help. And so you proved prophetic in endorsing Barack Obama, although it may take most of a first term to begin to straighten out the legacy of George W. Bush.

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