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A mile seemed like 10 on walk to school in winter

Southern Ohio

Happy New Year, everyone!

Did everyone have a safe and happy New Year’s eve? I hope not too much celebrating. I fell asleep in the big comfortable chair, and slept the old year out and new year in!

I did call a friend, Mary Key, that I hadn’t talked to for a while. We reminisced of times we used to go out on New Year’s eve for a few years. Now we both are content to stay home.

A blast of Arctic air has decided to envelope our area. I am ready for that hot sultry weather we had last summer. Each time I hear someone complaining of how cold it is, I feel like asking, “Are you one of those who griped when it was hot?” I can take the heat a lot better than this coldness.

I remarked to my daughter, Angie Weiderhold, that I was glad I didn’t have a little outhouse out back to run to in this kind of weather. She is so citified she didn’t know what I was talking about.

My son, Keith Ballard, and I really got a laugh out of that.

When I am watching television and it gives school closings, sometimes I think of the kids that walked to school no matter what the weather. The longest distance I had to walk when we lived at Vernon Hogg’s place which is located between Hot Spot (Premium) and Roxana, then on to Mill Branch School. In the cold winter months we walked through snow, ate snowballs on the way home, or grabbed an icicle off a rock or tree branch. It seemed like it was 10 miles, and really it is just about a mile or better.

Annabelle Wright was telling me that when she had to go outside for anything, she would put a snowball in her pocket and sneak and try to eat it during class. She would lay her head down on her desk, of course the snowball would melt in her coat pocket and a big wet circle would appear.

Annabelle Wright’s aunt, Anna Stewart, was my first grade teacher, then Annabelle’s mother, Jessie Wright, taught me from second through fourth, Wess Ison taught fifth through eighth. How I loved all three of those teachers.

I was really sorry to hear of Colleen Addington Breashear suddenly dying. Colleen was my homeroom teacher at Kingdom Come High School, and I believe she also taught typing.

Colleen knew I was going to quit school. She had an apartment close to the school so she let me stay with her for sometime. Something happened and she moved back home with her mom and she took me with her. I was barely 13 and a freshman in high school. I sure wish I was as smart now as then.

I must say I have retained a lot of common sense and courage that I know has come from the way I was raised! I have a real bad downfall about me, I am not afraid to stand up for myself no matter what.

I forgot to mention in my last column, Johnny and Ann Calihan received a special Christmas gift. Lesa Calihan Turner, who is Johnny’s niece and the daughter of Genita Calihan, really got into the baking mood. Lesa sent Johnny and Ann a small fruitcake for Christmas.

Lesa told me she only made 22, and they disappeared real fast. There’s nothing more special than something homemade for Christmas.

I wanted to make a stack cake and decided against it as I have gained enough, and knowing me so well, I would probably eat the whole thing.

Shirley Wells and her son, Buddy Wells, of Clarksville, Tenn., went on a shopping spree at Sam’s Club, as Buddy needed office supplies. Shirley was so tuckered out that Buddy felt sorry for her and took her to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I know Buddy had to drag Shirley kicking and screaming. Just kidding, as Shirley likes to go there to eat.

Belated happy birthday to Shirley’s son, Tommy Wells, December 28.

Belated happy birthday to my sister, Loretta Church, on January 2. As usual I didn’t get a card out to her on time. Loretta seems to be settled into Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Betty and Barefoot Bill Kelly’s daughter is doing some better. I talked to Betty this week. Betty sent me a book that I intend to read as quick as I can find the time. Since I have been babysitting for my grandson, little Bennie, it seems I don’t get anything done and when he goes home all I want to do is go to sleep.

My granddaughter, Jodi Gray, wants me to go to the Festival of Lights at Cincinnati Zoo as we were planning on going before Christmas. I really haven’t made up my mind to go or not as I am still having trouble with my legs hurting me, and my left arm has decided it doesn’t want to be left out and is bothering me quite bit too. Getting old has nothing to do with it, of course. The Festival of Lights is beautiful, however so is the warmth of my living room. More on that subject later.

Gwen Huff Farmer is home from her Christmas visit with her son, John Farmer, and his family. Gwen has been sick with a cold or something ever since she got back. I hope she gets to feeling better.

Arlyn Halcomb had some tests. She is perking just fine. She said Clarence has been feeling sort of under the weather lately since it is so cold he can’t get outside.

My brother ,Richie Hall, has caught the flu bug or something. Wanda couldn’t make it to work as the roads were too bad in that area.

Our brother, Jerry Hall, had to be taken to the emergency room at Whitesburg Hospital with a severe bladder infection. He is doing better now.

My three granddaughters, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, spent last weekend with me. As I started to make biscuits and gravy, I discovered that I had no flour. Somehow when I shopped, the cashier forgot to put my flour in the bag. I made toast and hot chocolate for the girls, then Sarah and Jessica made some blueberry muffins. They were so pleased to be baking at Momma’s.

Sarah is nine, and Jessica is five. Jessica loves to help me with the dishes or anything that needs to be done.

I took them to visit a couple of friends that aren’t able to get out too much, Chris and Juanita Lanham, who live at Ross, Ohio. The girls enjoyed the visit and Chris and Juanita were pleased to see them.

Sunday morning Katelyn complained of the television hurting her eyes, and the lamp too. She said she had a headache. When Katie climbed onto my lap, I felt her head; she had a fever. So Monday Anna took her to the doctor and she had a throat infection again!

All of Ann and Johnny Calihan’s family are doing all right. Their granddaughter, Ashley Wagner, had a slight accident, just knocked the car out of alignment. She could have been injured as there was some black ice on the road.

Betty and Doyle Ison are try- ing to keep warm. Their grandsons spent the night with them, which Betty and Doyle always enjoy very much.

Hello to Levene and Bruce Jones. Just think, guys, warmer weather will be here in a few short months.

Well as usual I have waited until the last minute to get this column out. It seems like there are not enough hours in the day anymore for me to get all I need to do.

Until next time! Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682

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