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A mother is the best friend you’ll ever have

Just a few days ago, Sunday, May 13, was what we refer to as Mother’s Day. If you have a mother, I sincerely hope you remembered to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. And I also hope all the mothers out there had a happy Mother’s Day.

But even as I write this, I know that many mothers did not have a happy Mother’s Day on May 13 for a variety of reasons.

Many mothers have someone in trouble, such as in jail or prison, or on drugs or other abusive substances. Some have a son or daughter in a combat zone, in a hospital or some other institution. Some have a family member dying of AIDS, cancer, or some other terminal disease.

Some mothers have children who just simply don’t care about their mother or what happens to her. Many sons and daughters grow up physically but not mentally. They leave home like the prodigal son the Bible speaks of. They think they know everything and no longer need dear old mother. In many instances, they don’t even bother to call or write to let her know where they are or if they are alright.

In the meantime, mothers keep waiting for a letter or a phone call that never comes, or a knock on the door. The mothers of the world have shed many tears and had many sleepless nights, wondering where their children are.

The reality of it is, when you lose Mother, you lose the best friend you ever had, except for the Lord. A mother will never abuse of leave (desert) her children. Please understand that I said “mother.” There is a difference between a mother and a child-bearing woman – a world of difference.

A real mother will always consider the needs of her child or children before her own needs. If she has only a meager amount of income, she will apply it toward caring for her children. Only after her children’s needs are met will she consider a little treat for herself.

On the other hand, a childbearing woman will use her meager income to satisfy her own selfish desires. If there is anything left, and only then, she will remember her children and their needs.

The same holds true for a father. There is a world of difference between a father and a dad. Lots of men can father a child, but it takes a special breed of man to be a dad. Many fathers never get to experience the thrill and satisfaction of taking a little boy or girl on their very first fishing trip or camping trip. Only a real dad gets to enjoy luxuries such as these.

Only a real dad gets to see a child learn to walk, talk, or ride a bike. Only a read dad will spend his evenings at home with his family instead of “out on the town with the boys.”

I realize a lot of time is required to provide for a family. But there also must be time allotted to be with that family whom you support.

After all, what use is there to have a family if they don’t really know who you are, whether you are a dad or mother. Sure, you can get a sitter, but which one do you want your child to look up to – you or a sitter?

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