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A mountain girl can survive

Southern Ohio

Merry Christmas again!

Come on, everyone, let’s all say together, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

Winter has come in with a furious start. Oh I know there’s no use complaining, but I will if I want to as I have listened to enough this past short summer.

For the past few weeks I have been feeling so bad that, among other things, I didn’t bother to check the fuel gauge and I am almost out of gas. I spent every cent I could rake and scrape to replace my car that got totaled, but I will make it someway. At least I am not in a homeless shelter, and I can still complain!

Santa may by pass our house this year. If it wasn’t for the grandkids I wouldn’t put a tree up, and still may not!

Too much on my shoulders at the present time, yet I am reminded of the young lad from Jeremiah, Travis Morton, who shaved his head because of loss of hair, so what the heck am I complaining about?

I haven’t been to the grocery store. When I did decide to go it was so bad I didn’t stop, so I my cupboard was bare. You know what I decided, a hot bowl of rice sounded good. I cooked enough and made some chicken and rice soup too. Don’t tell me a mountain girl can’t survive a day or so!

Yes, my house is somewhat colder than I like, however it seems as if can breathe a little better. So it is time I get off my pity potty and get myself in gear.

My daughter Anna Nottingham had to go for another doctor’s appointment. The baby is up to 4 1/2 pounds and has finally decided to turn the right way. If it can hang on a few more weeks, the baby will be out of the danger zone!

Anna isn’t due until Feb. 10, but the doctors will induce labor sometime in January. Anna’s diabetes and blood pressure are really giving her a fit. Her sugar bottoms out in the wee hours of the morning.

The Nottingham girls, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little brother.

Sarah is 12 years old and much taller than I am; Jessica is eight and almost as tall as me; Katelyn is seven and she is small and a handful. Katelyn has a mind of her own as what she wants to wear to school each morning.

Anna baby-sits so I watch the little ones so she doesn’t have to take them out.

Well what do you know, I can skip a bath as the water is frozen in my bathtub! As I started to turn the water on was I in for a surprise, no water. Once again I can count my blessings (or try to) as I have water in the sink and kitchen. “The only thing, I can’t fit in the kitchen sink!”

As I continued with this column, I came home to find the water lines thawed out.

When we were little when it snowed our mother Ora Hall would tell us kids to stand by the window and repeat over and over ‘Granny lost her featherbed’, to make it snow faster. It seems as if a lot of grannies have lost their featherbeds as we have about six more inches of snow in our area, not as much as the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Thanks, Larry Roark, for posting those beautiful pictures on Facebook on the computer.

Gwen Huff farmer says her son Glen Farmer Jr. didn’t get his quota of deer this season. I still wish he had been in this area. It sure could have saved me some aggravation.

Gwen says they are really having bad weather in her part of the country. I hope Shirley Wells is doing all right as I haven’t been in touch with her in a few days.

I haven’t talked to the Calihans this week. I hope everyone is doing all right.

Betty and Doyle Ison are trying to stay warm and are waiting impatiently for spring!

I talked to my brother Richie Hall and finally got to speak a few words to Wanda. She stays so busy!

Hello to Thelma Halcomb Brooks, and Lavonne Brooks. I am glad your foot is improving. ‘Cornbread Ben,’ now don’t be serenading Doris at the Coon Hunters Club in my absence. I miss you very much.

I received this from a misplaced hillbilly who knew my parents when they were young, Bob Akemon, formerly of Big Branch:

“I just wanted to share some thoughts of years gone by. Seeing my first Christmas tree. The year was 1936 when I was 6 years old. I attended my first year of school primer, today first grade. There was no preschool or kindergarten, you went only after you were 6 years or older. I attended upper Big Branch School.

“There were two schools, Upper and Lower Big Branch, our post office was Roxana. Before Christmas someone brought in a Christmas tree and put it up in the classroom. I don’t remember seeing it before. It was decorated, though of course there were no bright-colored lights. It had red, green, and gold bulbs hanging on it with silver tinsel all over it.

“For my young eyes it was the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen. I stared at it, wondering if I could eat those beautiful bulbs. You have to remember I had never laid eyes on anything like that before.

“Our school was a oneroom, but could be made into two rooms by sliding a large partition door across the middle of the building. First to third grades in one room, fourth to eighth in the other.

“The tree was put up in the older classroom and when we were taken back to our room, I was so sad because I wanted to touch those pretty, bright bulbs.

“After the Christmas programs were over, school was let out and all the kids went their separate ways to their homes. It was truly sad to be away from my classmates for two weeks or longer, and with not having much to look forward to, as there was no Christmas tree at home.

“We had some fruit and nuts, and if we were lucky, a piece of candy in your stocking. After all these years looking back it wasn’t a time of plenty, but we survived, much unlike today’s hustle and bustle things stuff .

“Where does it get us? All tired, stressed and worn out for what?

“Though it was rough growing up in those days, I can’t remember ever going to bed hungry. If we would just pause and remember those that have even less than we had back then!

“It can be sad and lonely, or we can fill our hearts with happy thoughts of how much we have been blessed and how far we have come. God bless and merry Christmas”

Thanks, Bob, for sharing this with me. I am sure everyone will enjoy a step back in time.

It seems like I am beginning to have unwanted secret visits from someone you may know called ‘Arthur’ as the joints in both hands are swollen overnight.

Hello to Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb. Clarence, this next paragraph is for you.

When I complained to my doctor about memory loss, he made me pay in advance.

Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out, shouting, “Holy cow! What a ride!”

Well it seems as if time has once more slipped away from me.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@ aol.com. telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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