Whitesburg KY

A poem: The Mountain Eagle

To the Editor:

I have enclosed a poem I wrote about The Mountain Eagle.

I purchase The Mountain Eagle weekly to catch up on current news

For I find it rather informative of news I can always relate to

I read of events I am familiar with found in the local news

As I read the writers’ articles

I pick up on their point of view

I read about the weather forecast and about my horoscope

I read of upcoming events and keep up with the TV’s soaps

Maybe I will read about Christianity in the article entitled, ‘The Church by God’s Design’

Maybe I will recognize someone in a local photo or even a friend or relative of mine

As I reminisce through the section entitled, ‘ The Way We Were’

I read of past events of another decade and year

While reading ‘Speak Your Piece’

I find some people vent their anger

While others express their point of view and each week, there is always something enlightening and new

I might read about basketball and football found in a section of the ‘Sports’

Or about NASCAR and UK Wildcats and ballgames of all sorts

I learn of fascinating facts as I read the section called, ‘Strange But True’

While the ‘Health Week’ section informs me of various illnesses and cures that I can use

I might read of a scheduled dance or a band performing locally

I might find out how to purchase tickets or about an event which is completely free

As I read the section entitled, ‘The Homeplace’

I locate a recipe or two

And in the ‘ Coming Events’ section

I read of concerts of Rock, Pop, Rap, Christian, or Blues

While Tom and Ray talk car talk about cars, I learn a thing or two

I also read of wacky facts as I read the ‘Kid News’

As I glance through the advertisements

I might locate a cat or puppy for sale

Or find an available apartment for rent one just can never tell

So purchase The Mountain Eagle

After all — it screams!

Read it from front to back and you are sure to be intrigued! RITA GOODMAN McRoberts

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