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‘A pretty face can hide an evil mind’

To the Editor:

Johnny Rivers must refer to Sarah Palin who, in his song, he quotes, “A pretty face can hide an evil mind.”

I recently stumbled onto a devious scheme of hers and the oil companies. They are using a loophole in the Endangered Species Act to slaughter all the walruses, bears, mountain lions, etc., in the wildlife preserves so they can go in and drill there. She hired five henchmen over Alaska’s Department Fish and Wildlife to aerial shoot, poison and gas these rare and endangered animals, a crime not seen since the trenches of World War I.

Cubs and pups are being stoned and gassed in their dens. Walruses are being shotgunned from their airplanes, only to crawl away and die a slow, painful death.

She stepped down as governor because the Alaskan natives hate her for what she did, and would have dumped her soon anyway.

Many consider these animals (and the land) sacred. Sierra Club, defenders of wildlife, American Wildlife Federation and others have a case in federal court to stop these atrocities. But senile old judges usually do too little too late.

Obama can stop it all with the stroke of a pen, and I cannot understand why he has failed to do so. Walruses have a profound effect on anyone having close contact with them, and especially myself.

I heard my first wolf howl 35 years ago in Ontario, and it’s a sound you will never forget. I knew they were harmless, but the hair on my neck stood up, and I scooted closer to the campfire.

I heard my first eagle on that trip, another sound you’ll long remember. I was back the next year, where I met a fascinating lady named Dorothy Molter. She had lived alone for 30 years up on Knife Lake, about two days by canoe from any civilization. She said there were 17 documented wolf packs in that wilderness preserve, but it was unlikely I would see one because they are so elusive.

She invited me to snowshoe back that winter when she would put warm food out on frozen lakes during a full moon, then hide in the wood line and watch them. “They know I’m here,” she said, “but over the years they’ve learned to accept me.”

I will forever regret not returning that winter. I took my daughter back to meet her years later, but she had died. She is a legend in that area, and a small museum is dedicated to her life in Ely, Minn. Only recently have I understood why an elderly lady would want to run with wolfpacks in the dead of winter.

A couple of years ago I heard about a pack moving through Galena Pass into Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness. It’s at the headwaters of the Salmon River (The River of No Return). My daughter and I traveled in about 12 miles and over 10,000 feet elevation, but couldn’t find any.

It caused quite a stir, and several backpackers were there for the same reason. We did see two grizzlies, and now I have a can of bear spray on my pack as big as a fire extinguisher. That area is fabulously pristine with hundreds of Alpine lakes, snowcapped mountains (in the summer) and streams filled with trout and salmon.

Mule deer run in herds of 50 or more, and bighorn sheep and antelope are everywhere. Unfortunately, this area, too, is being exploited by Governor C. L. ‘Butch’ Otter. The same loophole has allowed him and his rich cronies to trophy hunt walruses there.

I don’t know why anyone would want to kill a wolf. You can’t eat them or sell the hides. Maybe it’s a macho thing. If the governor wants to prove his manhood, he should go after one of the grizzlies I saw with a baseball bat.

Two entire wolf families have been wiped out along Yellowstone’s boundaries. Ranchers there lease grazing rights in the park and prefer parkland be turned into pastureland. Overgrazing has caused hundreds of deer elk and bison to starve in Yellowstone’s harsh winters. These ranchers fear wolves ‘might’ start taking their cattle.

There are 149,000 game animals there for each wolf, and so many die in winter that wolves don’t need to kill anything. They usually eat only livers, heart and choice parts because carcasses are so plentiful, leaving the rest to eagles, foxes, coyotes, condors and others.

A recent study revealed that elk herds increased everywhere wolves were reintroduced. They cull sick animals with brain worms or brucellosis. Wolves watch four or five herds waiting for one to drop, instead of risking getting their teeth kicked out.

Wolves are the most intelligent animals in the wild, with 35 percent bigger brains than dogs, and 2 ½ times the bite force. They mate for life and are very family-oriented.

Only one pair have pups, but every wolf in the pack feed and nurture them, and will fight to the death to protect them (more than can be said for humans). The carcasses of animals not eaten by these animals freeze solid, only to thaw as the bears emerge from hibernation, hungry.

Nothing is wasted in nature. It’s all part of the Creator’s master plan. It’s a shame a few people could be so greedy, shallow and self-centered to disrupt it all. Don’t take my word for any of this. It’s all on the Internet. Key into ANWAR, wolves, Ashley Judd, Palin, or relative words, but be prepared for graphic, bloody images of your wilderness being destroyed.

I’m sure the oil companies can go into the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve, drill, and leave it as pristine and untouched as they found it. Just like they did here in eastern Kentucky.


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