Whitesburg KY

A step in right direction

Is it too much to hope that we are beginning to see Kentucky’s junior senator transform from an ideologue content on fighting losing causes to a pragmatic politician focused on making life better for his constituents?

Sen. Rand Paul rode with President Barack Obama on Air Force One to Northern Kentucky to push for reconstruction of the bridge into Ohio. Obama, of course, came to stand before the Brent Spence Bridge to pressure Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio to support his jobs bill.

Paul has a plan of his own for financing repairs of the nation’s highways and bridges and took the opportunity to make his case to Obama.

No one should assume bipartisan kumbaya here.

It’s just good to know that Paul is focused on infrastructure needs — the basics of government services — rather than spouting obscure theories. And he sought to speak privately with someone in power rather than rant on cable TV.

He might become a public servant, yet.

— The Lexington Herald-Leader

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