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A tough choice to make

What a horrible choice to have to make. Whose lands and lifetimes are to be flooded. Definitely not a choice many of us would want to make.

Let us remember in prayer those who have had to make these choices — they will never sleep as easily again. Having said that — let us now remember those in prayer who are losing everything they hold dear — memories going back hundreds of years of family farms and loved ones who worked that land for generations.

We have a connection here in Letcher County, a face that we may see from Lottie, La. Years ago Will Brickley lived in a shack up on Jackhorn — it may be long gone — I no longer hold a recollection of exactly where it sat. But Will was a friend to many — sitting on your porch, spinning a yarn, strumming his guitar, whipping up a pone of cornbread to share, challenging you to be a better person — as he sat at ease knowing that God loved you and loves you, too

Will left here probably 20 years ago to return to the family farm and take care of his mother — where he has tended goats, taken care of pecan trees, and helped his neighbors. His land sits about 15 miles from the spillway that they opened on Saturday.

We have no way to check on Will as he has no phone or computer. Please lift him and all his neighbors up in prayer. God bless you. SHARMAN CHAPMANCRANE Eolia

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