Whitesburg KY

A tough night awaits this hunter

Struttin’ Time:

We are on our third installment of following “Hoss” Collins, his fight against multiple sclerosis, and his urge to be back hunting and fishing.

Hoss slept surprising well his first night in the wild, trying to show himself and the world he still had what it takes. If it was because of the strain or whatever of getting into the woods and setting up camp, or just because that is where he was meant to be, his first night went well.

Hoss was lying on a bed of leaves, but he had put survival blankets under and over himself. He was amazed at how warm they had kept him. He was thinking about the noise they made as he tossed and turned during the night, but he welcomed the warmth. The last thing Hoss remembered that night was the sound of a pack of coyotes, howling under the full moon on the cloudless night.

At daylight, Hoss began gathering more firewood. As with every campfire he started on his venture, Hoss used his flint striker, a tool that he has always used and has faith in.

Hoss then went about getting water from a small pond that was close to his camp. He purified it with a few drops of bleach he had brought with him. He boiled some “tea” using pine and cedar needles, and it tasted as bad as it sounds but was full of Vitamin C, even more Vitamin C than you can get from orange juice.

The rest of his day was filled with gathering firewood, which he would need to help make it through the cold February night.

He also got some walnuts, and caught some bluegill from the pond. They tasted great fixed over his open fire. His hunger may have raised their flavor, but he ate and then the rain clouds came into view. It was going to be a very tough night.

Please don’t miss next week as Hoss’s trip into the unknown comes to an end.

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