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A very serious question

What has happened to Letcher County, Kentucky? Who is running this county lately? Something drastic is happening!

Who decided to move our voting precinct to Gordon? Is that the next big city in Letcher County?

First, I’d like to refresh everyone’s minds. They took our beautiful old school — a landmark made by our forefathers with their hand, cutting the stones from the rocks in this area and building one of the most beautiful three-story schools.

The land was donated by a man from Linefork so all the children could have an education. The children at that time had to walk for miles in good weather and bad weather, no matter how cold or hot or the flooding they got there, and they were glad to have a place to come to learn.

Some rode horses and some just walked. We were so proud of our beautiful mountain school where the children were taught respect, love and honor.

The county let the roof get so bad that it leaked water down on the other floors and rotted it down. Then they spent thousands of dollars to build another grade school, and we loved it also.

But then they took our children and transported them to Whitesburg and Cowan, endangering their lives on long, bad roads that they didn’t keep up.

It was a bad, bad situation for all who had to let their children get on a bus before daylight and get home after dark during wintertime, with coal trucks hitting the buses and splattering glass in their faces.

I am one of those. It didn’t put my eyes out, but made scratches on my face and arms. No one gave a hoot about the danger we were in.

Now both schools are shut down and they closed our old Linefork Post Office and we have to go to Whitesburg or Cumberland to buy stamps, and to mail our letters to places we need to.

We are angry over moving our voting precinct to Gordon. That’s another hardship for our voters.

Democrats, you’d better think twice about that. Most of the upper Linefork are Republicans and wealthy from big coal mining truckers and backbiters.

I am an older lady and I used to work as secretary in the elections. I remember all the crooked things that went on at the elections. Paying for votes and giving moonshine for the votes and standing with their heads in the door telling people how they must vote.

But now we read that we will be going to a different place to vote.

When they closed the grade school they took our old school bell and all our trophies to the Gordon Fire Department, and when we got the school for a community center they wouldn’t let us have the trophies or the bell back.

Most all the nice trophies were from the old high school, and I had one of the prettiest ones made for my old school principal, Forrester Ison.

I paid a lot to have it made and my class of 1949 had played for the previous four years in the ‘40s, and won many trophies and pictures of the ones we knew.

The cheerleaders and the ballplayers are people who most of them up there didn’t even know.

I only wish that they would respect our old school and try to help our center grow. We need a place to get together and reminisce and have reunions at for the ones still living. They loved to come home once in awhile to the place they were the happiest. It is a shame.

The water lines froze and burst back about three months ago and flooded the old library, the hallways, the teacher’s lounge and the secretary’s room.

It is a shame to know. We try to keep things going, but most of the heaters are broken down and the water is bad.

I have a room where the first library was, and I’ve done a lot of things in there. I painted the kitchen and a bedroom where I quilt and sew and I had my 60th wedding anniversary in there and had a great crowd come. It was a good night and we had music and singers and a big dinner. Probably 100 people came.

Then we later had my late husband’s 64th birthday party on Nov. 17, 2012. He was sick with cancer of the brain, and he was so happy that night. We had a big dinner and a cake and punch, and music. Probably had 100 people that night, also.

We got up to go look at the coal miner’s wall and he enjoyed that. While we stood together we danced a few waltz steps together for the last time.

He died Jan. 17, 2013, two months later. How I miss him, no one knows. He was my sunshine.

He went to school at the old Kingdom Come building. His dad, Charlie, helped cut all the stones. He was a fine rock mason. Also, his uncle, Woodard Cornett, helped cut the stones.

It is so hard to think that everything has gone done for reasons that didn’t need to be.

Mr. Will Smith remembers, I’m sure, the night he told me we’d get our bell and our trophies to bring to the fire department for safekeeping until we could fix the school and get them back. I talked to him and another member of the school board and the lady superintendant at McDonald’s one morning while eating breakfast. They agreed that we could keep them. (Will Smith is a board member.)

The schoolhouse needs to be cleaned and the water pipes fixed, and the well needs to be seen about, and new pipelines put to the school so we can use the water.

I don’t know what is going to happen, but please, please somebody help us. We need the school to stay there.

Sugar Grove has been the voting place for as long as I can remember, and I’m 85 years old. Why does it have to change? (Gordon is not Sugar Grove.)

I love the fire department and I hope it will always stay there. We also need an ambulance service for this area. So many things could make a difference for this area.

We had sad news last week, Wanda Akemon died on Big Branch. She was one of our senior citizens, and we are going to miss her. Her husband will be so lost without her. He isn’t well himself, and I pray he will be feeling better soon.

I’d like to announce that I’m having a big flea market sale at the community center the first few days in May, the 2nd through the 5th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. I will have furniture, dishes, whatnots, dolls, decorations, pictures and Avon stuff. Come out and see if you might find a treasure. I’ll also have crochet items, etc., Christmas items and so much more.

Breece Jones and his cousin Lavene Jones will be having their 65th birthday on April 28. Lavern is coming down from Ohio to be with Breece. Breece is my first cousin, and Lavene has been my friend since grade school in Ingram’s Creek.

I love you all.

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