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Academic competition winnners in Letcher Co.

Academic competition was held in the Letcher County Schools last month.

There were three categories, elementary, junior varsity, and varsity.

The winners in the elementary category are:

Social studies — first, Belle Wright, Martha Jane Potter; second, Ronnie Adams, Arlie Boggs; third, Darhla Miles, Letcher; fourth, Dalton McCown, West Whitesburg; fifth, Matthew Caudill, LES.

Language arts — first, Brooke Saurer, WWES; second, Katie Braswell, LES; third, Lilah Hammock, Cowan; fourth, Courtney Johnson, Fleming-Neon; fifth, Anna Morris, MJP.

Arts and humanities — first, Emily Collier, ABES; second, Kirsten Sexton, ABES; third, Katie Braswell, LES; fourth, Kaitlyn Davis, WWES; fifth, Alex Fields, CES.

Math — first, Ben Mason, Beckham Bates; second, Tyler Stacy, LES; third, Makayla Jones, LES; fourth, Bryanna Carmichael, CES, and Kirsten Sexton, ABES; fifth, Logan Gibbs, MJP.

Science — first, Max Bailey, LES; second, Tyler Stacey, LES; third, Ronnie Adams, ABES; fourth, Luke Little, WWES; fifth, T.J. Gibson, BBES, and Makayla Jones, LES.

Quick recall — 1. Beckham Bates, 2. Letcher, 3. Arlie Boggs, 4. West Whitesburg.

Overall — 1. Letcher, 2. Arlie Boggs, 3. Beckham Bates, 4. West Whitesburg.

In the junior varsity, the winners are:

• Social studies — first, Stamper Collins, FNES; second, Dalton Bates, MJP, and Sarah Collins, ABES; third, McKinzie Hall, CES; fourth, Coleman Begley, Whitesburg Middle; fifth, Courtney Jackson, WMS.

Language arts — first, Regan Pack, CES; second, Autumn Dollarhide, CES; third, Eric Brown, MJP; fourth, Josh Maggard, ABES; fifth, Sarah Collins, ABES.

Arts and humanities — first, Holly Thomas, CES; second, Kody Damron, MJP; third, Baleigh Dotson, CES; fourth, Kyle Collins, CES; fifth, Trevor Wayne, MJP.

Math — first, Kody Damron, MJP; second, Trevor Wayne, MJP; third, Cruz Adams, WMS; fourth, Coleman Begley, WMS; fifth, Allison Baker, CES.

• Science — first, Dylan Caudill, CES; second, Jordan Boggs, MJP; third, Judson Collins, CES; fourth, Courtney Jackson, WMS; fifth, Dalton Meade, FNES.

Quick recall — 1. Cowan, 2. Whitesburg Middle, 3. Martha Jane Potter, 4. Arlie Boggs.

Overall — 1. Cowan, 2. Martha Jane Potter, 3. Whitesburg Middle, 4. Arlie Boggs.

Winners in the varsity category are:

Social studies — first, Cameron Wright, FNES; second, Jarrad Halcomb, ABES; third, Chase Johnson, BBES; fourth, Holly Whitaker, LES; fifth, Caleb Adams, LES.

Language arts — first, Rebecca Standifer, CES; second, Paul Sokolowich, CES; third, Marcus Baker, CES; fourth, Cameron Wright, FNES; fifth, Clayson Fields, FNES, and Sarah Maggard, ABES.

Arts and humanities — first, Rebecca Standifer, CES; second, Holly Whitaker, LES; third, Rebecca Roark, LES; fourth, Levi Caudill, CES; fifth, Logan Dollarhide, CES.

Math — first, Cody Baker, MJP; second, Mason Salyers, FNES; third, Paul Sokolowich, CES; fourth, Matt Fleming, WMS; fifth, Hayley Mullins, BBES.

Science — first, Caleb Adams, LES; second, Joseph Ellish, FNES; third, Chase Johnson, BBES; fourth, Noah Blair, CES; fifth, Marcus Baker, CES.

Quick recall — 1. Fleming Neon, 2. Arlie Boggs, 2. Cowan, 4. Letcher.

Overall — 1. Cowan, 2. Fleming-Neon, 3. Letcher, 4. Arlie Boggs.

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