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Academic tourament winners and results

The Letcher County Academic League held its county tournament at Beckham Bates Elementary School. The elementary level took place Nov. 28-29, and the varsity and junior levels were Dec. 5-6.

All elementary and middle schools in the Letcher County and Jenkins school systems participated. Students were given ribbons for placing in one of the top five spots in the event, and schools received trophies and plaques for their overall performance. The event is sponsored each year by Community Trust Bank.

Winners in the varsity level were:

Math written assessment — Brad Stacy, first, Fleming- Neon Elementary; Cruz Adams, second, Whitesburg Middle School; Maggie Dollarhide, third, Cowan Elementary School; Noah Blair, fourth, WMS; Matthew Ashby, fifth, WMS.

Science written assessment — Dylan Caudill, first, CES; Jeremy Sturgill, second, WMS; Allyson Baker, third, CES; Judson Collins, fourth, CES; Katie DePriest, fifth, Jenkins Middle School.

Social studies written assessment — Aaron Bartley, first, JMS; Sarah Collins, Arlie Boggs Elementary, and Stamper Collins, FNE, second (tie); Shannon Adams, CES, and Luke Little, WMS, third (tie); Matthew Sparks, fourth, JMS; Blake Watts, fifth, ABE.

Language arts written assessment — Sydney Jent, first, Beckham Bates Elementary; Sarah Collins, second, ABE; Katie De- Priest, third, JMS; Alexis Lewis, fourth, ABE; Ashley Benton, fifth, WMS.

Arts/ humanities — Noah Griffith, first, WMS; Judson Collins, second, CES; Allyson Baker, third, CES; Iris Wynn, fourth, Martha Jane Potter Elementary; Alexis Lewis, fifth, ABE.

English composition — Brad Stacy, first, FNE; Abigail Barker, second, MJP; Autumn Dollarhide, third, CES; Maggie Dollarhide, fourth, CES; Melissa Bartley, fifth, JMS.

Quick recall — Cowan, first; Whitesburg Middle, second; Fleming- Neon, third; Jenkins, fourth.

Overall standings — Cowan, first; Whitesburg Middle, second; Fleming Neon, third; Jenkins, fourth.

Winners in the junior varsity level were:

Math written assessment — Treston Hughes, first, ABE; Ben Mason, second, BBE; Sadie Bates, third, WMS; Katie Braswell, fourth, LES; Meghan Combs, fifth, BBE.

Science written assessment — Ronnie Adams, first, ABE; Treston Hughes, second, ABE; Dalton Mc- Cown, third, WMS; Sierra Taylor, fourth, CES; Emily Morales, fifth, BBE.

Social studies written assessment — Micayla Brashears, first, CES; Ben Mason, second, BBE; Corey Sparkman, third, LES; Nicholas Stevens, fourth, ABE; Eric Maggard, fifth, LES.

Language arts written assessment — Brooke Saurer, first, WMS; Sadie Bates, second, WMS; Emily Morales, third, BBE; Emily Collier, fourth, ABE; Savannah Parsons, fifth, WMS.

Arts/ humanities — Katie Braswell, first, LES; Daniel Hurst, second, CES; Samantha Crawford, WMS, and Nicholas Stevens, ABE, third (tie); Susie Caudill, fourth, LES; Kirsten Sexton, fifth, ABE.

English composition — Dalton McCown, first, WMS; Brooke Saurer, second, WMS; Kirsten Sexton, third, ABE; Makeena Johnson, fourth, CES; Hopie Maggard, fifth, LES.

Quick recall —Whitesburg Middle, first; Beckham Bates, second; Letcher, third; Cowan, fourth.

Overall standings — Whitesburg Middle, first; Arlie Boggs, second; Beckham Bates, third; Letcher, fourth.

Winners in the elementary level were:

Math written assessment — Logan Blair, first, MJP; Jonathan Little, second, West Whitesburg Elementary School; Randi Wampler, third, MJP; Luke Holcomb, fourth, MJP; Madison Hall, fifth, BBE.

Science written assessment — Madison Hall, first, BBE; Drew Richardson, second, MJP; Ellie Eldridge, third, Letcher Elementary School; Alaina Epling, fourth, ABE; Sarah McAuley, fifth, MJP.

Social studies written assessment — Luke Holcomb, first, MJP; Sam Mullins, WWE, second; Hannah Caudill, CES, third; Luke Goins, fourth, FNE; Katelyn Ison, fifth, WWE.

Language arts written assessment — Luke Goins, first, FNE; Ethan Baker, second, FNE; Seth Mc- Cray, third, FNE; MacKenzie Stidham, fourth, WWE; Jetta Lewis, ABE, and Olivia Hammock, CES, fifth (tie).

Arts/humanities — Olivia Hammock, first, CES; Drew Richardson, second, MJP; Bethanie Monroe, third, CES; Michael Adams, fourth, ABE; Corey Brock, fifth, ABE.

English composition — Sydnee Madden, first, BBE; Nikole Lee, second, BBE; Ashley Vanover, third, WWE; Aeryn Edwards, fourth, LES; MacKenzie Adams, fifth, CES.

Quick recall — Martha Jane Potter, first; Cowan, second; West Whitesburg, third; Arlie Boggs, fourth.

Overall standings — Martha Jane Potter, first; Cowan, second; West Whitesburg, third; Beckham Bates, fourth.


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