Whitesburg KY

Accepting applications

Applications are being accepted through August 31 for delayed admission into the Community based Research Education in Eastern Kentucky (CREEK) Program.

CREEK introduces health-related research skills to students in rural Appalachia in sociology, anthropology, education, nursing, communication and social work to explore the behavioral aspects of health and illness. Students who have completed one year at a college or university serving central Appalachia may apply.

The program provides special elective courses with credit through the University of Kentucky or the student’s college, courses offered in Hazard on Saturdays, community mentors, research experience, and networking with health researchers. Applications are available from Deirdra Robinson, 750 Morton Blvd., Hazard, Ky. 41701, (800) 851-7512 ext. 8-3523, drobi3@email.uky.edu.

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