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Accidents on I-75 make a trip long

Hello everyone – I hope you have had a great week. It was a busy week and I didn’t find out much news.

There will be a USAP/ UNITE meeting on August 6 at 11:30 a.m. It will be held at the Whitesburg Health Department on the second floor.

I was walking through Walmart and saw a woman getting in line for the register. I thought she looked familiar but I was in a rush and went on. I had to go back the other way and passed the woman again. This time I stopped. It was Joan Ramsey. It was so good to see her for a few moments. It has been years since we had talked.

On Monday, July 22, Mike and I drove to Ohio. We had talked to all of the sons and asked them and loved ones to meet us at Marion’s Pizza in Centerville, Ohio. We wanted to see the sons and take them out for pizza and Marion’s Pizza is fantastic. Longtime friends of ours also met us that evening. Those there were Greg Wenning, Carla Charles, Carli Charles, Mark Wenning, Brad Wenning, Becky Wenning, John Walterbusch, Bonnie Walterbusch, Mike and I. We were hoping Heather, Mark’s wife, would be able to attend but she was studying. We stopped by Mark and Heather’s home that evening to see Heather. She will be going back to med school soon and it was good spending some time with her.

Mike and I decided we would start home on Monday evening to get past the Cincinnati traffic. We were awake and wanted to make our Tuesday drive easy. There was a wreck on southbound I-75 in Kentucky and we were in traffic for over an hour. We took an exit to find a hotel room and all were booked. Several hotels had signs taped to their doors that said “NO ROOMS AVAILABLE”. We finally got to Georgetown and the second hotel had one room left. By then it was after midnight and we were exhausted. The man at the hotel asked if we had been in the accident traffic and I said “yes”. Then he asked which direction, I told him southbound. He said he had just heard that the southbound accident was a fatality. Apparently there was also an accident on 75 northbound. The wrecks were the reason all the hotels were full.

We took a weekend camping trip to Powell River, Tenn. It was primitive camping with access to a restroom. We had a wonderful time. We went with John and Faye Campbell, Greg Wenning, and Carla and Carli Charles. I even tried fishing but I didn’t catch anything. (I always try fishing but I don’t like baiting hooks or touching fish). We had a great location right on the river. On Saturday, I sat in a chair and read a book. There was no humidity and a breeze would come by every once in a while. It was a perfect summer afternoon. The evenings were nice without mosquitoes. I am looking forward to our next camping trip.

Happy birthday to the ones celebrating in August:

August 2 – Juanita Caudill

Becky Sams Adkins

August 3 – Stu Sigrest

August 5 – Goldie Kincer- Kalahan

August 8 – Cassie Harris

Kathy Collier Miles

August 9 – Candra Banks Leach

Joan Ramsey

Brandy Campbell

August 10 – Jenny Brown

August 11 – Becky Wenning

August 12 – Annie Dutton

August 13 – Tiffany Eversole

Tyler Stamper

August 14 – Phillip Little

August 15 – James Yonts

Chanda Suzanne Baskin

August 16 – Marcia Roberts

August 17 – Martie Banks Bradford

August 18 – Tami Campbell

Raven Ison

August 22 – Chuck Sturgill

Stephen Campbell

August 23 – Laura Caudill Bates

Auguest 27 – Janie Banks Bennett

Anne Carpenter

Mable Pack Robinson of Shelbyville passed away on July 21, 2019 in Danville. She was the widow of Cecil Clinton Robinson. She is survived by her three children: Clinton (Diane) Robinson of Shelbyville, George (Shannon) Robinson of Shelbyville, and Teresa (Benny) Goode of Danville. She had three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

She has three nieces in the Whitesburg area: Faye Campbell, Zelma Banks, and Lorraine Stewart. Condolences are sent to the families.

This weeks social media quote is “Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart”.

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Have a fantastic week.

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