Whitesburg KY

Adams family hosts fish fry at Frog Pond

The annual Adams family and friends fish fry was held Sept. 4 at the Frog Pond. The weather was just perfect, in the 70s with sunshine. The late night jam session was a little cool but still fun.

Ray and I have many people to thank as always: Blair Branch Church for the use of the tables and chairs for the last 15 years. Dennis and Joann Adams and Deb and Tom Younts, without their help we couldn’t do this. Our children, Jason, Franka, and Dalton, came Thursday and stayed to help. Vanessa switched her work schedule to come Friday and help, and Saturday morning Randy, Cassie, and Gracie came to help. Sunday morning Randy and Gracie came and helped.

But we have a special thank you for our grandson Cody Dixon. Not only did he cut weeds, he picked up the chairs and tables and returned them for us, and helped us any way he could. We are truly blessed to have a grandson like Cody. He is an exceptional young man.

Thanks to Dennis and Donnie for frying the fish. They do a good job every year. Thanks to everyone who brought food. It was wonderful. Thanks to anyone who did anything to help out. Thank you and God bless.

I try to remember everybody; sometimes I forget. If I do, I’m sorry.

Here were our guests: Wayne Whitaker, Hallie; Magistrate Keith Adams, Letcher; Wallace and Mary Bolling, Cornettsville; Jack Burkich and son, Whitesburg; Coroner Spanky and Tilly Bolling and children, Blackey; Judge Jim and Joan Ward, Whitesburg; Richard and Joyce Hampton; Clearice Whitaker, Jeremiah; Paul Taulbee, Viper; Ruby Couch, Knott County; Violet and Bernard Watts, Blackey; Shirley Altmus and Mildred Adams, Wawaka, Ind.; Bernice Smith, Cornettsville; Pat Adams and Mary Mullins, Madisonville, Tenn.; Lorna Fugate and grandchildren, Mindy and friend, Peggy Couch, husband and son, Larry and Milissa Owsley and two daughters and mother and Hazel Owsley, all of Vest;

Anna, Orville, Ray and Lynn Huff, Kendellville, Ind.; Buford Caudill and Oakie Blair, Jeremiah; Nannie Rogers and Nancy Feltner, Blackey; Bessie Shepherd, Whitesburg; Irene Thomas, Blackey; Dana, Benji and Travis Smith, Mary Jo Blair and Tommy Smith, Jeremiah; Deb and Tom Younts and Johnathan, Abbyville, S.C.; Helen Younts, Knoxville, Tenn.; Randy, Mary Gail and Cassie Adams, Blackey; Lorna and Jerry Blair and four children, Batavia, Ohio; Rick Blair and Doris Monette, Hamersville, Ohio; Ellis and Linda Blair, Williamsburg, Ohio; George and Betty Kincer, Mollie Caudill, Tammy and Tessa Fugate, Stephine Stidem, daughter and husband, all of Thornton; Maranda, David, Gracie and Henry Coleman, Louisville;

Brenda Caudill, Blackey; Jason and Franka Adams and Dalton Meade, Jackhorn; Vanessa and Donnie Joseph, Cody Dixon and Willie Joseph, Hazard; Magistrate Bob Lewis, Partridge; Lyndell and Sonja Begley, Hazard; Dennis and Joann Adams, Prestonsburg; Ryan and Josh Adams, Louisville; Melanie Adams, Raleigh, N.C.; Fess Holcomb, Little Leatherwood; Randy Combs, Renee, Tyler and Joella, Hazard; Vicki and Glenn Simms, Enon, Ohio; Hassell Griffie, Hallie; Hisley, Ashley, and Shirley, Hazard; Penny Brown, Fayetteville, Ohio; Carla Adams, Jeremiah; Gaynelle Back and John, Blackey; Steven Pratt, Cornettsville; Marie Banks, Jeremiah; and Mark Breeding, Isom.

The 7 South Band, this group of musicians is really good. Everybody really enjoyed them very much. I would like to see this group do well. They are all local. I know all of them and they are all working, productive people. So if you have a chance to hear them, you will be in for a treat.

We missed Buck and Debbie, Darren and Crystie, Kevin and Kasey and of course Aunt Tish and Aunt Betty and a few friends, but we feel honored that all the family and friends came to our home. Thank you so much. May God bless you, keep you safe and happy until we see you again.

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