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Adamses, Campbells plan stir-offs


Fall is officially here and the weather is getting a little cooler, but it’s so nice. I hope we have a long fall season that doesn’t rush off into winter.

During the Labor Day holiday, Barbara Culp was pleased to have her sister, Kitty, and her husband visiting with her and Roy on Spring Branch. She said Kitty was feeling better after having her gallbladder removed. They are the daughters of the late Willie J. and Martha Back, and Roy and Barbara live in the old homeplace.

It was the memorial for the deceased members of the Dixon Memorial Church this past Sunday, and after services they had dinner for everyone.

Merle and Eolia Caudill took Ellis and Ila Adams out for breakfast on Sunday morning. I’m not sure if Tammy went with them.

If all goes as planned, the annual stir-off at Ellis Adams’s will be held this Saturday. Ellis has turned it over to his son, Jerry, to run this year since it’s an awful lot of work. They always have help and plenty of food for their helpers.

Also, the Campbells are planning their stir-off at Ulvah this Saturday. I hope the weather is nice for the molasses stir-offs.

Last week Jerry and Violet Boggs took Evangene and Arizona Adams and Mary Jo Blair to M ount A irey, N . C. I think it was like an Andy of Mayberry Festival with Sheriff Andy and Barney Fife look-alikes and a parade. They enjoyed themselves and the area.

Last Saturday Bob, Opal, Hunter and Beth Banks, Sue Goodson and I all went to the new Nicholasville Cracker Barrel for breakfast and to shop a little. It had rained so hard in that area that Winchester and Lexington were having flash floods. We saw lots of high water in that area.

We picked Beth Banks up at the Natural Bridge State Park, where she and her husband, Anthony, were staying in their camper.

Jessie was too busy to have breakfast with us, but we got to visit with her a little while we waited for a table.

Freda Adams had to spend a day at Hazard for treatment, and I went up to spend the day with Ivan Adams. For lunch we went down tot he old Sycamore School area, where Coreen Pridemore had fixed lunch for us.

Ivan hadn’t been down to see Mom and Dad’s house they’d built on the old school basketball court, and he recalled his school days there. We looked at old pictures and had a good lunch before heading back to Isom. Bonita also came and stayed with us for awhile.

Ivan and Freda went to Georgetown on Thursday so they could be there on Friday for Grandparents’ Day at their grandson, Daniel’s, school, and to have lunch with him. I hope they had a good visit and enjoyed the day with Daniel.

Don’t forget about the upcoming Blackey Homecoming Day on Oct. 10. It should be a good day of activities and fellowship with old friends and neighbors. It will begin at 11a.m. that day, and last until 7:00 that evening.

I’m glad that Wanda Maggard is back out of the hospital again. Maybe this time she’s better and will be able to stay home for awhile before going back in.

Oct. 3 the George M. and Sally Banks Adams descendants will be having a reunion at the Dining Hall of the old Stuart Robinson School. It will start at 11 a.m., and anyone who knows the family is welcome to stop in and visit, eat, and talk with them. Anyone who grew up with them on Carbon Glow or has old pictures they would like to share, just drop in and be with the Adamses.

There will be a five-family yard sale at Vicco. For more information, call Reva Adams, 633-1019.

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