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Adamses host annual fish fry

The 16th annual family and friends fish fry was held Sept. 5 at the home of Ray and Doris Adams at the Frog Pond at Blackey.

We want to thank everyone who came to our home. Ray and I look forward to this event every year. A highlight of the year, Ray got to go fishing in Alabama with Dennis and Joanne, where they caught most of the fish. Then Donnie, Vanessa and Cody went to Herrington Lake, located near Danville, and caught the rest. We had a different variety of fish, and many said they were the best ever.

Dennis, Joanne and Donnie fried 40 pounds of fish, and 10 pounds of chicken, and I also made 10 pounds of barbecue and 50 pounds of potatoes, plus coleslaw and all the wonderful dishes and desserts that were brought. Needless to say, we had a feast. I am not certain of how many people were here, and I don’t want to miss anyone, and if I do then it is old age setting in.

We have many people to thank for all the help that was given. First, I want to thank God for many blessings and for the beautiful weather as well as our health. We want to thank Dennis, Joanne, Deb and Tom, for without their help we could not have had this. Thanks to Tim and Oakie Blair, who are always ready to help a friend. Thanks also go to Randy, Mary Gail Adams, Mike and Linda Dunn, David and Miranda Coleman, Cody Dixon, Donnie and Vanessa Joseph, Willie Jo Joseph, Jason and Franka Adams, and Dalton and Jeremy Meade. Deloris Johnson of Mike’s Drive-In of Neon, always provides the coleslaw every year. We also want to thank Blair Branch Church for the use of their chairs. We thank Kentucky Red, Jane Roberts, Larry Roark, Clim Blair and Richard and Joyce Hampton, who did a wonderful job. Thanks again, Richard, for saying the blessing over the food.

We also want to thank the band Coal Town for performing for us. You all are awesome. I would like to see these young men go somewhere in the music business, you guys are that good.

Shirley and Mildred, you all surprised us, that was the best, and everyone was pleased to see you all. It was also good to have all of Ray’s brothers and sisters here: Dennis and Joanne from Prestonsburg; Buck and Debbie from Martinsville, Ind.; Deb and Tommy Yonts from Abbeville, S.C.; Sonja and Lyndell of Hazard; and Dana and Benji Smith of Jeremiah.

Also in attendance were Renee and Tyler Holland and Randy Combs from Hazard; newlyweds Stephen and Beth Pratt of Cornettsville; our children, Randy, Mary Gail and Cassidy Adams of Blackey; Jason and Franka Adams, along with Jeremy and Dalton Meade, all of Jackhorn; Vanessa and Donnie Joseph Cody Dixon and Willie Joseph of Busy; David, Miranda and Gracie Coleman of Louisville; Paul Taulbee of Jeff; Larry and Marlene Jones and granddaughters of Linefork; Hassel Griffie of Hallie; James Ashley and Shirley Swartz and her grandbaby of Hazard; Fess Holcomb of Leatherwood; Richard and Joyce Hampton, Tommy Harris Smith, Mary Jo Blair and Lilly Moss Hall, all of Jeremiah; Jim and Shelia Adams of Isom; our judge Jim Ward and Joan of Whitesburg; Dennis and Judy Adams of Paulding, Oh.; Nannie Rogers of Blackey; Bessie Adams of Whitesburg; Ronnie, Melody and Mariah Blair of Hammersville, Oh.; Louella Botts and her children, as well as Ellis Ray and Linda Blair of Williamsburg, Oh.; Burt, Carolyn and Danny Hurt of Campbranch; Gary, Tyler Owsley, Melissa, Larry, Autumn, Chelsea and Hazel Owsley of Vest; Jerry, Lori Ryan and Anna Blair of Batavia, Oh.; Pat Adams, Kelly Worley and Cindy Kirkland of Madisonville, Tenn.; Evelyn Lumpkin of Letcher; Samara Dixon of Blackey; Sheriff Danny Webb of Whitesburg; George and Betty Kincer, Stephanie Stidham and daughter and friends, all of Thornton; Buford Caudill of Jeremiah; Levone and Sue Williams of Kingscreek; Maurice and Martha Royster of Johnson City, Tenn.; Jerry, Phyllis and Josh Ingram of Dry Fork; Josh Slone and his band from Knott County; Ollie James and Gaynell Back of Blackey; Mike and Linda Dunn of Charlestown, Ind.; and Robbie Blair and Doris Monnett of Hammersville, Oh.

We missed a lot of family members who were unable to attend this year, Aunt Tish and Uncle Elzie Campbell and their family of Wawaka, Ind., Betty Reynolds and her family from Wheelersburg, Ohio, Anna and Orville Huff and Rita and Teresa of Indiana, Melanie Adams, Kevin and Kasey and their family, Darrin, Christy and their family, Crystal and Helen, Little Ben, Janet and Haley.

Thanks also to Jim and Anne Whitaker for the use of the tables. If I forgot anyone, I am sorry. Forgive me. The best part was for me to watch my great-granddaughter play with the other children and have the time of their lives at Great Grand and Old Pap’s house and having my precious Cassidy with us.

God bless you. I hope to see everyone next year.

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