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Adamses, Pridemores hold reunions

Our weather seems to have really become fall-like with the cooler temperatures at night and even the sky and clouds have begun to have the fall look. I love fall of the year, I just don’t like to think of what follows — winter.

We had a beautiful, big, full moon in the night sky a few nights last week, also.

The descendants of ‘Red’ John and Larrena Roark Adams held their annual family reunion Sept. 17 at the Carr Creek Lake picnic shelter. I hope they had a good time getting together to visit and catch up with each other, and lots of good food too.

The family of the late Hiram and Ella Caudill Pridemore held their reunion last Saturday in Wheelersburg, Oh. There were about 56 in attendance, and those who went from here were: Lee, Wilma, Gary Becky, Greg, Glenna, Justin and Weston Pridemore; Mallory Adams; Don, Coreen, Keitzi ‘K.P.’ and Lana Pridemore; Amber and Luke Williams and myself; and Gary and Beck’s daughter, Kelly and her girls, Hope and Lexie drove up from Lexington, and Greg and Glenna’s grandson, Mason, also went.

We had it at Roy Kenon and Billie’s and Bill and Elva Marshall’s church gymnasium, and enjoyed being together.

Jerry and Bonita Adams spent last Friday night with their daughter, Lyndci, and her husband, William. Lyndci was supposed to find out if their baby is going to be a boy or girl, but the doctor couldn’t tell yet. Jeremiah

It was Bonita’s birthday last Saturday, and they shopped and took back roads on the way home.

A lot of friends and neighbors have lost loved ones this past week, and our prayers and condolences go out to them all.

Mattie Jean Frazier’s son, Dwight, died last Friday, and his funeral was held Sunday at Blair Branch Church. A large crowd attended Saturday evening and Sunday to pay their respects to his family.

His wife, Emma Jean, and his family and friends took good care of him during sickness. We all loved his funny wit and good, friendly nature, and will miss him.

Former Jeremiah resident, Danny Cupps, died last week in Lexington. He was the son of the late Pat and Martha Cupps, and leaves a brother, Hobert.

Bob and I drove down to the visitation on Thursday night and sat with Den Arthur and Judi Adams, who came down from Ohio.

We enjoyed talking with Danny’s son, Dan, who recalled happy days spent at Jeremiah with Grandma Martha when he and Cory were young boys. It was nice to meet his three children, Jeremiah, Cassidy Jo and Blair. Two of them are named after this area.

Edward Smith of Carcassonne was also called away by death last week, and Mattie Fern Brown of Whitesburg, recently died. She had just attended her family reunion and had had a great day.

Her husband, Glenn, bought a trailer from Dad many years ago, and we got to know their family then. Her sister, Arris Ison, lives at Jeremiah in the Hettie and Jeff Mayes home.

Also, our hearts go out to Jack and Martha Taylor, who lost their granddaughter, Ashli. She was Judy Taylor’s daughter, and we’ll be praying for that family too.

So much sadness in our area lately.

Densmore and Sue Banks Goodson met their daughter, Colleen, in Lexington and spent the weekend together.

Belated birthday wishes to Freda Adams, Bonita Adams and Lance Breeding’s brother, Lexter of Lexington, who recently celebrated his 84th birthday. Sorry for those I have forgotten.

Stella Elam has a new great-grandson who was born to Richard Benjamin Walls and his wife. She had a few complications and had to spend the last month of her pregnancy in the hospital, but both are doing well. The little baby may have to wear a hip brace for awhile, but we hope all goes well with him.

The Letcher Area Homemakers met last Tuesday and Francis Whitaker demonstrated a quick and easy stir- fry dish, which was tasty. We all enjoyed being together and it was good to have Virginia Caudill back with us.

Liberty and Noah Campbell, Bonita Adams and Coreen Pridemore all went to Washington County, Va., for Noah to compete in a goat show at the fair. He got many ribbons and also some cash.

Jason Brashear had fixed a very nice country backdrop for their stall area, and they reported a good time at the fair.

Bob and Hunter Banks took Bill Adams for a ride up on Carbon Glow last Saturday. They had a good trip.

We attended the rodeo held at the old Calvary Campus by the Revelation Ranch Team, and applaud their efforts put forth to help the youth in our area. We went to watch Hunter Banks, but also saw many others we knew in the audience there to watch their children and grandchildren.

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