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Addicts lose contact with reality

As we travel down life’s uncertain pathway, we encounter all kinds of people. Some are friendly and social oriented, while some walk around with an expression on their face which makes them look as if they have had sour grapes as their last meal.

Some are accommodating while others are not. The most pitiful are those who have let alcohol or drugs or both get control over their lives. There is only indifference inside of them, where a conscience used to be. They have lost all contact with reality and live in a state of uncertainty.

The only important thing in their lives is their own desires. They will do anything, even kill, to satisfy their own selfish desires. All they ever think about is another drink or pill to feed their cravings.

There is help available for people like this if they want it and will abide by the rules set forth in these cases. But they have to want it enough to make a drastic change in their lifestyle.

In many instances they are to the point where the most important person in their life is themselves. When they get to this point they think only of themselves and what they want, because they have long ago lost all contact with reality.

They will lie, cheat, steal and yes, even kill, to get what it takes to satisfy that craving, and they couldn’t care less who they hurt in the process. In many cases, little children are the ones who suffer due to the ignorance of their parents or caregivers.

Alcohol is just as addictive as drugs, with the same consequences. If an addict owns anything of value, they will sell it piece by piece until there is nothing left, and then commit suicide when they realize just how low they have gone, even though help was available all the while.

No amount of persuasion can get someone to seek help unless they want help. You can’t help anyone do anything unless they are willing to help themselves.

People will sit back and smoke their loco weed, drink the devil’s brew and pop their pills or snort them, thinking all this while, “This can’t happen to me,” but it can, and most likely will. Think about it.

Gambling is another vice to which people get addicted. They keep hoping to hit the ‘big one’ only to lose again and again. It’s like gambling with their soul, except they can only lose once, and it is eternal.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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