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Adults need to spend more time with our young people

Recently one young man was able to do something he probably never thought he would get the chance to do.

My brother’s grandson got to travel to Ballard County with two of my sons and two adult friends to deer hunt. They had a good time roughing it, and he was able to harvest a nice eight-point buck, his very first deer. I can only imagine all the ‘bear tales’ that floated around their camper and tent.

My brother passed away one year ago and didn’t get to take Josh deer hunting due to his health, but I am sure he would be real proud of him. Not only because he got his first deer, but also because there was no alcohol or drugs allowed.

A lot more of our youngsters would learn to appreciate what God has given to mankind to enjoy if more adults would take an interest in them, both male and female.

When it comes to hunting it is not just for males, but for the opposite sex also.

Even if no deer had been harvested they had a good time just being out in the wild. But it sure would have been a long journey to come back empty-handed. One of my grandsons accompanied them also.

I’m sure that he had a good time just being able to get to do something with his father who doesn’t get very much time off of work to do things with him that he would like to do.

I, too, am unable to do things with my grandchildren that I would like to do because of my health. I have two stents, a pacemaker and a defibrillator, and they are all working, so I refuse to complain.

My brother had one stent, but they could do nothing else. His diabetes had already done too much damage.

Diabetes can cause our demise like any other disease, if not kept under control. It caused mother’s death, along with T.B., when she was 24 years of age. But that was in January, 1946, and at that time either T.B. or diabetes was considered a death sentence.

But thanks to modern medicines and knowledge neither one is considered terminal today.

As I was saying, if more ablebodied adults of today would take an active interest in our young people it would give them something to look forward to besides booze and drugs, which is Satan’s pleasure and the road map to certain destruction.

Adults, whether parents or caregivers, need to instill in our young people the necessity of a good education, which no one can take away from them. A good education is like a good friend, precious and priceless.

When it comes to young people, we have the cream of the crop right here in the mountains. But if parents and caregivers do not encourage them to take advantage of educational opportunities available today they will fall by the wayside like many others before them.

I’m not suggesting that every able-bodied adult should take a youngster hunting. What I am insinuating is to get them interested in something which will divert their attention to something besides Satan’s delight, so that they won’t have a desire to dine at his table.

Well, that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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