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Adventure ends in snowfall

Happy spring everyone! As usual, how are things in your little corner of the world?

As of the time of this writing, winter is still in control as it is at the freezing point and it is raining in our area, so there’s a weather advisory of freezing rain!

Vicki and I had planned for some time to go on an adventure. With the severe weather prediction we didn’t know whether to take a chance or not. Saturday morning arrived and not a speck of rain nor snow, so Vicki and I took a chance and out the door we went as we were planning to waste no time, except what we needed to do.

Our luck held out as we didn’t see a single snowflake until we were about 30 miles within home, then it starting with a small fine snow.

Just as we got home it was really coming down. Thank God we made our voyage and made it home safe, as a couple of hours later Harrison was blanketed with snow. By the end of evening we had three or four inches of a heavy snow. It left almost as fast as it came. Sunday it was almost gone.

I bought a couple of cans of Carnation milk for snow cream just in case is the last snow, but I felt too bad to even fool with it.

I thought I was invincible and the flu wouldn’t catch me. Well I can tell you anyone can catch it as I was very sick for over a week and half. I am finally feeling better. I believe the flu shot helped as I wasn’t near as sick as I have been in previous years.

Oh I know there are lots who don’t believe in getting a flu shot. With my immune system being weak I rather take a chance getting one than not.

I am so glad for an electric blanket as it sure kept me from chilling.

Belated happy birthday to my daughter Angie Wiederhold on March 23. Angie is recovering from her back surgery, and she has to go back to her doctor in a month as she still isn’t able to do very much. Angie still has some minor pain, but at least it isn’t as severe as it was for a month or so.

My little sidekick Bennie has been such a big help to me and his mom, although Bennie can’t fully understand why Angie can’t bend down or sit on the floor to help him with some crafts that he is working on.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Sue Wagner made it to safely to Harrison before the snow got bad. Sue ran into a little stretch of slicks road, then things got all right. I know she was glad to get home to be with her parents. The trips from South Carolina to Harrison are quite frequent for Sue as her doctors are in Cincinnati.

At least one trip to the doctor was good news, but now she still has to go through some severe testing for a liver transplant.

I know Johnny is ready for warm weather so he can get started in his garden. Which reminds me, I talked to Pat Wagner and Les has already mowed the grass. I know he was chomping at the bit to get in the garden.

Seriously the yard probably needed it as my yard has some high places in it. Actually I have passed a couple of places with men mowing the grass already.

Sunday, my daughter Kay Gray stopped by for an unexpected visit, which was very welcome. Kay got me a television for Christmas which I’ve never had hooked up, it involved more than I had anticipated as I have to get a new receiver.

When I called Direct TV, I was told it would cost $200 for two new receivers, since the TV is high definition. After three different calls to Direct TV, there’s no charge and they are sending someone Wednesday to install them.

I teased Kay and asked her if she would like to take the television home with her. Of course she had no idea that it would cause this much aggravation. I’m sure I will enjoy it as my living room is a big room and the television I’ve used for many years is on its last legs.

Friday afternoon, my washer and dryer were finally delivered. You talk about a nightmare! The man couldn’t install the vent to the dryer no matter what he did. I finally told him to leave it alone. As it so happens, the dryer is a tad bit larger than my old one, so I have to change dryers for a side vent.

Southern Ohio

Either my bathroom has to be remodeled or I have to change dryers, so off I go again searching for another dryer. I may trade washers as I am not completely satisfied with the washer. It doesn’t seem to have the power of my old one. I just wish things could be simple for me.

My son moved back home for a while. It is good to have him around, although it is hard for me as I’ve been alone for so many years.

I haven’t talked to my daughter Anna Nottingham so I don’t know how Beechwood Winter Guard did in the final competition. Beechwood Marching Band will be traveling to Disney World as they will be marching in a parade. More on that later.

Carcassonne Community Center will be holding its square dance, April 8 so please mark your calendar.

I am sorry this column is short and not very interesting, but I am not feeling very good.

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