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Adventure takes pair to eastern Kentucky

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! Grab a comfortable chair and that favorite beverage and let’s sit down for a chat. I have renewed spirits! My dear friend, Vickie Power, and I set out an adventure that turned out to be an extended one, not planned.

We had talked about going to Renfro Valley to roam around in that area, then going through Livingston to see the Dogwoods, and then going on to Flea Land Flea Market in London. After we got to Renfro Valley, we did venture on to Livingston, we stopped at Lil’s Restaurant for a bite to eat, then drove out in the country to see the dogwoods, which were not in full bloom. I asked Vickie if she was tired and wanted to come home or if she wanted to go on through eastern Kentucky. Lucky I had grabbed a change of clothes just in case!

As I drove down Daniel Boone Parkway, the sight that greeted us was so beautiful, white dogwoods everywhere you looked. Redbuds were still in bloom, some was beginning to fade, others still in their height of glory as the purple lined the highway too. Vickie had never been in the eastern part of Kentucky, and she was amazed at the mountains.

I got within a mile to Richie and Wanda’s and hit a hole in the road almost big enough for me to take a bath in! I bent my rim and had a flat. Someone needs to fix those blasted potholes! I bet I am not the only one who has hit that place.

Richie had a tire that I used to get home. I intended to get a set of tires, I was trying to hold off for a month or two, seems as if I will be getting tires sooner than that.

Wanda wouldn’t take no for an answer as she fixed us a delicious breakfast of biscuits, gravy and scrambled eggs. I did stop at Halcomb’s Custard Stand to get an ice cream cone.

Vickie and I went to see Jerry and Mattie, and went to Letcher Manor Nursing Home to see my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife, Georgia. Georgia was having therapy and I didn’t get to see her. I am sorry I missed her.

I received some very sad news from Ingrams Creek. My deepest sympathy goes out to Bruce Jones and his entire family in the sudden death of his brother, Delbert Jones. Bruce and Delbert were together every day. In fact the Jones family are exceptionally close, not just because they live close, because they love each other.

I wanted to stop to see Bruce, but I was afraid of intruding at such a painful time. I finally managed to get a picture to him that Berma Matthews had sent me. It is of Bruce, Delbert and their sister, Rachael, when they were just little children. Belated happy birthday to Bruce and Levine Jones; their birthdays are just a day or two apart. They are cousins, more like brothers.

Bruce’s sister-in-law, Annalee Jones, was able to go home for this sad event. Annalee now calls Milan, Ind., home. Richie really thought a lot of Albert, who had to say good-bye a few years ago to go to a better place. At least their pain, heartaches, and the earthly suffering are over.

Barefoot Bill and Betty Kelly were back visiting once again in Johnson Fork and surrounding hills and hollows for a few weeks. Betty sent me an early birthday card along with a picture of a beautiful dogwood tree. I am sending a copy to Emma Engle, I know where her heart is this time of year too. It is strange as it seems no matter how old we are nor how long we stay away, the mountains are still deep in our hearts, especially in the spring and fall of each year.

It is sad that so many have left the mountains for generations to make a living for their families. It is even more sad that drugs are taking over, not only there but everywhere. When I was young beer or a drink of moonshine was the choice, now drugs are so dominant.

Gwen Huff Farmer sent me some pictures of her flowers and trees around her place, along with pictures of her sons, Glen Jr. and John Farmer, enjoying themselves. Gwen’s may be my next destination before too long, that is after I get tires.

Gwen has finally managed to get a little garden in between the rain. She said she was beat. I told her the garden was going to get the best of her, then I changed my mind. If she didn’t have the garden then she would be done for, as she needs it to have something to keep her occupied. She can’t sit still, and does not fool with much television. Gwen is very active and eats the right food, that is why she is so thin. I wish I could send her some extra pounds.

Shirley Wells is longing for the mountains also. I wish there was bus service to Whitesburg or Hazard! One of these days if any way that I can swing it I am going to go see Shirley. It has been almost 50 years since we’ve seen each other!

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold has been sick. Angie is a nurse and she may be more educated than me, however if she doesn’t take him to the doctor, I am going to do it myself. I am worried about that blasted flu going around.

I kept my little grandson, T.J., and Bennie at the same time. I sat on the porch swing with one on each side of me. As I was singing “Little Birdie”, Bennie would sing “birdie, birdie’, and T.J. would say come to me “come to me!” How I wish I had a tape recorder at that moment.

Willa Mae Boggs, if you are back from your trip give me a call and fill me in on what mischief you and your sister got into!

Hello to Carrie Bates, who is Jerry and Mattie’s neighbor, and hello to all their friends who read my column. I really miss Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass on “Bobby Joe’s Gospel Jubilee.”

Angie Hall, I am sorry you are ill. We miss you on WMMT.

Johnny and Calihan and their family are doing all right. I am going to send Bennie out to Ann’s or at least I keep threatening to.

The article Ike Adams wrote about Renevae Calihan was so beautiful. It is wonderful when someone is not afraid to express much love and respect they have for someone and is not ashamed to show it. I have never met Ike nor his wife Loretta, still there seems to be a close kin feeling as I am in contact with him via the computer. I have been accused of being clannish as I am from Letcher County! When it comes my time to say good-bye I hope someone will remember me with kindness the way Ike does Renevae! There are a few that will probably say thank God and Greyhound she is gone!

Hello, Emma Engle, it was really good talking to you.

It is getting late and I am tired as it doesn’t seem to take much to wear me out anymore.

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