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Adventures in buying a car

Hello everyone! How is everything in your little corner of the world? I hope everyone is staying nice and cool. I am not outside enough anymore enough to know if it is too cold or too hot.

This past week was the Osborne Brothers Festival at Hyden. It really hit me hard as I had made plans to go this year. Oh, plans can change in a blink of an eye as I found out June 1.

Actually I tentatively planned to go right up to the last possible minute. My ankle kept hurting so bad, I finally let common sense take over my thinking instead of my heart.

Since my accident I find if I figure things out in my head, it works best for me. I have a small folding wooden table, and I planned to take it, plus a pillow so I could prop my foot on it. Then I started thinking about how can I manage to carry a little table, pillow, lawn chair, and a bag with water and yogurt when I am barely able to walk? Plus not being able to carry with my left hand.

With my foot and leg swollen so much, I was afraid of a blood clot forming.

As Thursday morning rolled around and I watched the clock, anger, depression and any other adjective you can use to describe feelings begin to well up inside of my heart and mind. Friday morning was the same, and then Saturday I was so miserable as I knew exactly the time that Larry Efaw & Bluegrass Mountaineers were taking the stage, and then Sunrise Ridge.

I did manage to get dressed and went to the back deck for a while, by this time I was so sick to my stomach I never even put my dentures in. All at once a friend of mine walked up the steps carrying a dozen beautiful white roses, and a chocolate malt for me. Thanks so much to Lois Lade for making my day a little brighter.

Lois and I have been friends for about three years, and she is a very special person. Once again I will say I may not have family except for my children in this area, but I am blessed with several friends that are like family to me.

After spending time with Lois I sort of got over my aching heart for not being at the festival in Hyden. Well to be honest, it will bother me for a long time to think what someone else’s stupidity has cost me.

I hope I haven’t made a mistake, as Tuesday I went to Jeff Wyler Honda, after three days of dealing with some unpleasantness I finally bought a 2019 Honda Fit.

It is going to take some getting used to, as it doesn’t have a trunk so I can fill it full of junk.

I had a very nice salesman who was doing a great job, and then another salesman came from nowhere and stuck his nose in where he wasn’t needed.

The first salesman mentioned a lease and I replied I didn’t want a lease. Then he excused himself saying he would be right back. In the meantime this other guy came out, saying I needed to initial a paper! I asked what was I initialing and he replied my lease was almost finished.

I replied, “Oh no, I don’t want a lease.” I hobbled out, got in my car and left.

The first salesman called me on Monday to tell me the car I wanted was sitting in the lot to come and get it as I wanted a red one and they only had a white one.

I went over to drive it and sign the necessary papers. The finance manager had raised the price of the loan payments, so he said he would be right back. I was like a ghost and I disappeared, as once again I hobbled back to my car and came home.

I had left my phone at home, so when I got home I picked up my phone and I had three phone calls from the salesman, saying the finance manager had gone to work out it out so I could get the car for what I was asking. I told him to let the finance manager drive it, I didn’t want it.

He called me Tuesday and I gave in to go back for the third time.

There was some controversy again about payment amount. I told the salesman to get my personal papers that I was going home. He asked me to give them 30 more minutes.

I had a different finance manager. I told the finance manager I had checked on the price and I could get it cheaper, so why didn’t he drop the price instead of raising my payments? I have a red Honda Fit with a CD player, and payments I can afford without having to worry.

Last year when I bought the 2018 Hyundai I never even showed proof of income and drove it off the lot.

This time I had to take proof of income, and proof the Hyundai was paid off. They called my insurance for proof that gap insurance was paying the remainder of what my insurance wasn’t paying, and when. I was in so much pain I didn’t think about the Honda not having a trunk.

The Hyundai has the best warranty you can find, however they lie, as you pay for the warranty. Oh well I think I will like it, if I am ever able to enjoy driving.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are having a few health problems, as Johnny’s blood pressure has been skyrocketing. He spent overnight at Veterans Hospital, and found it was due to some medicine

Ann has a cut on her leg and it is giving her a heck of time, so you see I am not the only one that is in a pickle.

Bertha Turner from Ingram’s Creek was in a bad car accident several months ago, and is still in the nursing home. If you would like to send her a card, send it to: Bertha Turner, Tri-cities Nursing Rehab Center, 19101 N. US HWY 119, Cumberland, KY 40823-8107.

Friday night, Bertha was in for a treat as her daughter Glenda Green from Alabama came to take Bertha home for the night. Then Bertha was taken to Campbell’s Branch Community Center for the evening to enjoy the music.

Bertha is in a wheelchair and isn’t able to stay by herself so as I was reading about her I decided to quit my complaining, at least for a while.

I finally talked briefly to Pat Wagner. I am sorry she hasn’t been well. I should have known when I hadn’t heard from her or Les that Pat wasn’t feeling well. I hope Pat is on the mend soon.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers meeting, and we had the largest crowd that we’ve had for quite sometime. I was able to fix a crock-pot of soup beans and baked cornbread. There wasn’t spoonful of beans left and very little cornbread, only enough that I may try some milk and bread.

Astor Taylor shared this post on computer. I was nine years old when this happened:

My cousin Martha Jane Gibson was one of the teenagers killed in the wreck. Martha Jane was the daughter of Johnny and Leona Hollins Gibson of Roxana. Leona was the daughter of Harlan Hollis, who is a brother to my grandmother, Rosa Hollins Hall of Roxana. Leona had a complete nervous breakdown, and no amount of doctors could ever help her completely.

July 31, 1954 – 11 people died in a single car crash on Pine Mountain, eight miles south of Whitesburg. There were 12 people in the vehicle, only one survived.

According to the National Safety Council, it was the worst single auto accident in U.S. history. The victims included three adults, a teenage girl and seven small children.

Thomas Brown had purchased the 13-year-old car, a 1941 Buick, the day before the accident. The car’s brakes failed at the top of Pine Mountain and crashed into a cliff, overturned and caught fire.

Hexie Maxie, the only survivor of the crash, was severely burned over most of his body and spent months in the hospital. He spent years grieving the loss of his family. Maxie died in 1982.

Carcassonne Square Dance is on Aug. 10 from 6 to 9 p.m., Sunrise Ridge will be playing. Callers are Will Bowling and Randy Wilson. Dinner is available for purchase.

Sunrise Ridge will be performing at Campbell’s Branch on Friday night, Aug. 9.

It is time for me to get this on the way, so until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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