Whitesburg KY

Aggie Hatton’s health is improving


Hello everyone, hope you are doing well.

We’ve had another spell of cold weather and some frost. I’m afraid it got one of my plants. I didn’t think winter was through with us. I hope it didn’t hurt the gardens.

I’ve been real worried about my friend, Aggie Hatton. She has been so sick and has been in ICU at the hospital, but she has gotten a little better. I am so thankful. Her sister, Juanita Adams in Indiana, was coming to see her, but she wasn’t able to make the trip.

I enjoyed going to a concert last week at Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg. My greatgranddaughter, Brooke Hatton, was in it, and also Brenda and Charles Howard’s granddaughter, Kayla Howard, a daughter of Heather and Chuck Howard. Brooke is the daughter of Sara and Chris Hatton. I was so proud of them. They did so well. It was beautiful!

They are both students in Whitesburg Middle School’s band. There was a large crowd there and 15 bands from Letcher, Virgie, Perry Central High School, Pikeville, East Ridge, Sheldon Clark, Knott County, Hazard, Shelby Valley, and Pike County Central High School.

All, except Whitesburg and Virgie, were high school bands.

Our granddaughters are 12 years old, and we are so proud of their talent. I wish I could say they took it after me, but I’m sorry to say, “Certainly not!”

I was glad to see my sister in-law Blanch Hatton, wife of the late Loag Hatton, at the nursing home. She seemed to be doing pretty well.

It was good talking to Bertha (Page) Dye the other night. We talked about all you Marlowe folks. Good talk! We were both having trouble with allergies. It’s the season for that, I guess.

Effie (Dixon) Hatton had surgery this week. I heard it went well, and I’m glad.

My son Billy Hatton has been having leg problems. I hope it doesn’t last long.

Rose Ballard and Emma Lou Engle seem to be feeling better. I miss their news when they don’t get it in. They don’t miss it often.

It was funny; while I was writing this I got a call from Rose Ballard. She said she was doing fine, doing her housework and exercising. I was glad to hear from her. I told her I was just thinking about her.

I enjoyed talking to Barbara Adams last week. She wanted to know about Aggie Hatton, and it was good to tell her she was doing better.

My great-granddaughter, Brooke Hatton, a daughter of Chris and Sara Hatton, entered a contest about coal miners, and she wrote a song and sang it, and played the music. It was called, ‘Coal Miner’s Candy.’ It was wonderful! There were 60 contestants from 13 counties, and she came in second place.

They had an awards dinner for all of them in Pikeville last Friday. I wish all of you could hear the song. I’ve played it for about everyone I know. It’s hard to believe a 12-year-old could do that.

All of Sara and Chris’s children are talented in singing. Their son, 15-yearold Beau Hatton, has written a lot of songs and can play lots of instruments. Also, the youngest, 8-yearold Gracie, is a good singer and I’m sure she can play or do whatever her brother and sister can. She doesn’t like for anyone to out do her.

Do I sound like I’m bragging? I think I have a right to. Linda and Larry Hatton, their grandparents, agree with me.

I want to thank Randy Tyree for buying a car from my son Astor ‘Red’ Hatton in Paris. Astor really appreciated it. He’s a great salesman.

I was visiting with Aggie Hatton at the hospital and found out my neighbor, Ida Halcomb, had died last Saturday, and that her sister, Docie York, is very sick.

Also, Lloyd Brown is really sick, and they are in need of prayer. So many of our friends are sick.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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